Do you know why ID cards are significant, especially for academic institutions? They not only help identify your employees and clients but also embody the brand and quality of services that your educational institution has to offer. That's why you should have the best ID card for your institution. We offer 100% customizable and professionally made college ID card templates that are made available in MS Word, Photoshop, Illustrator, Apple Pages, and Publisher formats. These high-quality templates are made accessible for you, anytime, anywhere. Never waver! Get our subscription plan now and get to enjoy our premium templates.

What is a College ID Card?

A college identification card is a card issued to students, professors, instructors, and staff which is used in entering the campus, paying the tuition, checking out library books, applying for scholarships, and etc. depending on its scope. Identity cards should always be displayed since it plays a huge role in safety plans and security measures. IDs can be worn with the use of lanyards, strap clips, and badge reels.

How to Make a College Identification Card

Identification cards are extremely important in state and private universities, so authorities can determine who's who on the campus and to easily spot outsiders which can be a threat to the safety of everyone. Printable IDs are more than just an identity card and a security device—it is also an extension of the university's name and image. Designing the layout of an ID has never been easier. Here are some guidelines that can help you get through in making a college identification card.

1. Determine the ID Card's Orientation and Size

The graphic artist that will design the creative id cards should ask the Office of Student's Affairs (OSA) about the card's orientation and size, so there will be uniformity. Universities usually have an identification card that has a portrait orientation, however, there are also some who prefer to have it in the landscape orientation. Meanwhile, the commonly used card dimensions are 54 mm x 86 mm, 59 mm x 83 mm, and 99 mm x 67 mm. Teachers and students have different identification card sizes, as the designer, you must make sure to clarify the exact dimensions of the cards.

2. Use our Pro ID Card Template

Designing an ID card is a tedious task. You have to be keen on everything, especially on details and its arrangement. If you want to fully achieve a professional and attractive-looking identity card, then we suggest that you use our University ID card templates. Why would you make a hard time for yourself when you have a better resort that is fast and easy. Refrain from using free templates because there is a huge chance that other institutions have used it too.

3. Customize Card Features

After you're done with the layout, you can now insert certain features that will set it apart from other identification cards. These features include the name and logo of the university, school's complete address, the background image (can be the image of the university building), the image of the bearer, his/her name, ID number, bar code or smart chips, and the digital signature of the bearer. At the back part of the ID, you can add the bearer's emergency contact person.

4. Include Terms and Conditions

Don't forget to put the terms and conditions so that the proprietor will be reminded about the scope and limitations of the identification card. This is the part is where you can also indicate the validity of the modern ID card and the necessary actions that should be taken, in case of loss.

5. Print and Laminate

Do not print directly after you are done with the layout and the design. We are talking about identity here, so you better be keen. Check and re-check the spelling of the proprietor's name, as well as the rest data encoded in the id card. After you are sure that there is no mistake, then it is the right time for you to print and laminate the card. Laminating the card will help in retaining the image quality and will make the card durable.

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