How to write a Recommendation Letter?

It is an approved or authentic note on a person or individual’s skills, competencies performances, character, etc. It is often granted to individuals when they file a request letter. They come from employers, academicians, clients, colleagues, etc. It is, then, sent to the hiring committee or admission boards who is going to interview the particular person recommended by his or her previous supervisor, senior, manager, etc. This way an individual receives an important person’s vote as an approval note of confidence that adds some value to their skills and knowledge. Such letters can also help you not to put much effort into the selection process. This sort of letter should always be concise and precise but without missing on the significant points. Join the following in pieces, step by step, to write one for your current requirement.

  • The letter should begin with a brief introduction of the person making the recommendation. It should have his or her identity, experience, expertise, and relation with the candidate,
  • Next, add the candidate’s skills, experiences, performance level can be in it.
  • It should have one or two positive personality traits of the candidate.
  • The letter should close with a statement on why you feel a particular candidate is fit for a certain opportunity or profile.

A well-written recommendation letter is effective enough to get a candidate or applicant placed in a decent institution. Recommendation letters are in the norm of many institutions and businesses when it comes to applicants. It provides an added level of trust to the person they are hiring based on the testimony of a known contact or previous supervisor of an applicant. When making recommendation letters, be sure to do the following: follow a formal approach, be on a positive note, avoid mentioning weaknesses and do not include any personal information other than necessary.

A recommendation letter is used for several purposes like:

  • An applicant needs a proper reference to assist or validate their application and details in their application.

  • A company wants to ensure the trust and ability of the applicant to perform a job well.

  • Tenants want to prove to a landlord they can pay the lease or rent by providing documents that prove their financial standing.

Any individual may write a reference letter when:

  • They know the person well enough to write them a reference letter.

  • The individual writing the recommendation letter has worked with the person he or she is writing about.

  • The person writing the recommendation letter can provide an honest review and positive reference to the applicant.

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