How to Draft an Employee Contract in Google Docs

Unlike a self-employed person, new employees have to know how you expect them to perform while working in your restaurant or other business industry before the employment commenced. In a report by Glassdoor in 2013, 61% of workers claimed that their actual job expectations differ from the interview process. Setting the wrong expectation may discourage new hires. Having an employment contract will set and clear expectations.

Below is a list of things that you can do to draft an employment contract that will establish the relationship between an employer and an employee.

1. Search for a Template

If you’re unsure of what format you want to use for your employee contract, you can search for a suitable template to guide you. You can easily search for a ready-made agreement or contract that fits your requirements.

2. Use Google Docs

If you’re working online, Google Docs allows you to collaborate with anyone that can help you draft a legal employment contract. Additionally, you can also use PDF or Word applications that are equally as powerful as Google Docs if you’re working offline.

3. Refer to Your Job Description

Your job description is a comprehensive document that you can refer to when making an employee contract. It already has the duties and responsibilities that you expect the applicant to perform, including the type of employment, whether it is temporary or permanent. Some even have salary expectations. Taking out your job description will make sure that what is in the contract agrees with what is in the job description.

4. Include Proprietary Information

Proprietary information is a crucial part of your employment contract. While working in your company, an employee must adhere to the rules that you laid out. This includes the protection of trade secrets, copyrighted materials, patents, and the like.

5. Mention How the Contract Ends and What Happens After the Employee Leaves

Establish the ways on how the company and the employee can terminate the contract. You must also not forget that after the deal ends, the employee is still aware of the company’s confidentiality agreement. Remember to emphasize what happens when the contract becomes terminated.

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