How to Prepare a Floral Invitation in Apple Pages

Floral themes are some of the most common kind of aesthetic that is used for invitations and greeting cards. If you want to make your invitation card stand out, then you can go for a variety of patterns from vibrant to vintage floral styles. There are around 4 million species of flowers on Earth. You can come up with a unique flower to incorporate for your invitation. With the features of Apple Pages and our template’s customizability, you can do just that. To get started on your content, here are some tips to follow:

1. Personalize Your Message

Think of who you are writing to. That’s a good way to get started on making content for your invitation. Is it to invite your best friend to a birthday party? Or perhaps a wedding invite intended for your parents? Tailor your message accordingly whether it be personal (when addressed to family and friends) or professional (when inviting coworkers or acquaintances). And if the person you’re inviting has a favorite flower, then you can incorporate them into your flower to make it feel more personalized! Doing this will make the person feel welcomed and more inclined to join the event you’re inviting them to. You can customize your card thanks to the template’s editability and Apple Pages’ features.

2. Select an Aesthetic

One thing you can do to get started in making a floral invitation is choosing a theme! Choose a specific floral design for the background and border of your card. You could include roses, dandelions, and the like. With our template’s selection of graphics, you will be able to do just that without any difficulties. With this, you will bring your invitation to life with all the beautiful floral imagery.

3. Plant in Photos

Photos of flowers can make an invitation card really vibrant and visually pleasing. With our template’s wide selection of photos, you can add pictures such as that of a bouquet, a floral pattern, or even words that are composed of flowers. This will make your invitation really colorful and fun to look through by your reader. When adding them, make sure that neither the text or the photos overlap each other. Make sure they’re spaced fairly apart and that the photos don’t dominate the whole aesthetic of the invitation.

4. Fill the Details

Inform your reader what sort of event you’re inviting them to. That way, they’ll know what kind of event they are in for and prepare accordingly. For example, if you’re writing to them a party invitation, then place the address and the time of the party. You may also add a map to the party’s venue so your guest can find their way with ease. If the party has a theme and a dress code, then add them in as well. And in case your guests want to discuss more details, you can add in your contact information like phone number and even email address.

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