When you have accomplished a study course at any school or university satisfactorily, then you are going to be a suitable graduation candidate. Such educational training will be validated with a decent graduation certificate or diploma. These certificates also will aid the student in his/her professional career soon. Now, if you need to create graduation certificates all by yourself, then you might want to take a look at our 100% customizable Graduation Certificate Templates in Adobe Photoshop (PSD). As you can see, these certificate templates are easily editable for your desired design layouts. If you want to use the designs directly, our high-quality templates are already set to be printable for immediate use. Fun right? Now, start creating any worth-keeping certificate with the use of our templates today!

How to Create Graduation Certificate in Adobe Photoshop

A graduation certificate is a diploma or certificate indicating that a student has finally completed the proper training at an academic institution. Graduation certificates are usually attributed to kindergarten levels, elementary levels, as well as for college levels. However, graduation certificates are not to be mistaken with a degree provided by a higher education institution such as a university or college. As mentioned from Southern New Hampshire University, anyone seeking to remain relevant in their field, evaluate their set of skills, obtain career development or review the course load of a Master's degree program may have the advantage of completing a graduation certificate.

Certificates may sound easy to create, but if done carelessly, the recipient won't appreciate your hard work. To guide you with that, this article will assist you with salient guidelines on how to create a decent graduation certificate.

1. Start with the Main Details

School certificates should look very professional and presentable, so there is no need for irrelevant details to load it up. Only add vital information that provides the name of the recipient, the type of certificate, brief captions, the name of the authorities, the date, and the place where it was given. Other essential information can be optional.

2. Choose a Certificate Theme

Now, focus on the institution which grants the achievement certificate and the student who will be earning it to be able to come up with a specific theme for the certificate. This theme will also help you concentrate your attention on the design elements.

3. Decide on the Text Types

Breakaway from the dull, traditional font forms and start exploring the array of font styles for your sample certificates. More than almost anything else, graduation will be one of the most unforgettable for everyone, as it is a landmark in an individual's life. Consider a cursive font style for a sophisticated look or the fun font styles to match your chosen theme.

4. Modify a Downloadable Template

Through the support of using innovative editing tools such as Adobe Photoshop, you can add all the design elements together with your desired texts. If you are using an online template, such certificate templates are already pre-designed, and there is very little need for changes.

5. Review and Print

After anything else, show your design to trusted people for evaluation and modify if there is something that requires to be improved. Assess the final production to ensure that the texts are legible, the theme represents the design, and whether the layout does not appear too crowded or incomplete. Have the printable certificate printed by using particular types of paper stock.

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