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What is an Information Sheet

Information sheets are documents that can be used to get essential information about an individual, company, or organization. An information sheet is an easy-to-skim and concise summary of important details in a fill-in-the-blank format. It includes questions about a company or client's personal or professional information. In the information sheet, it provides questions that direct clients on how to answer or what should the answer be on the blank or text box.

How to Create an Information Sheet

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There are diverse elements that should be included in an information sheet depending on what that information sheet caters. Listed below are five simple steps to creating your information sheet.

1. Create Layout

The layout of your information sheet is the first step that needs to be done. Wisely design your information layout since it is usually a one-page document. However, if you think that the details you needed would not fit one page, do not force to input it all in one page. Keep in mind that it should be easy for the eyes and highly organized.

2. Logo and Title of Information Sheet

Information sheets are made especially by companies or organizations for individuals. Logos are what sets a company or organization apart from other competition. You can add the logo of your company or organization but it is not really necessary for you to input it on the information sheet. Writing the title of the information sheet will make it easier for you to classify the type of information sheet from the other types of information sheet you have. Not only will it help you organize the information sheets but you can easily scour through the information sheets when you needed to get data off.

3. Choose Formal Typeface

An information sheet is a formal and official document, therefore, you would need to use formal typefaces available. The classic fonts used by professionals are Calibri, Times New Roman, and Arial. These fonts are meant to carry authority and are suitable for legal documents. Formal typefaces are readable and emotionally neutral.

4. Ask Important Data

Since an information sheet is concise and needs straight to the point answers, you need to ask the right and essential details. The layout of the information sheet is similar to a fill-in-the-blank format. If you have a ready-made information template, then you would not have any problem what to ask anymore. But, if you made your own information sheet then you need to ask the right questions. Think first of what the information sheet should be about. If you are making a real estate client information sheet then ask a question like the full name of the client or the referring agent of the property.

5. Print Information Sheet

Lastly, print the information sheet to start obtaining information from students, client, or request information sheet. Produce copies of your information sheet in high quality for a long lasting document. You can also have a digital information sheet if you want to store information on your computer. Also, always review the entire document first before you officially use it.

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