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What Is a Google Docs Sheet?

Google Docs sheets are what you can create from the spreadsheet program Google Sheets. Said program is free and web-based, offered by Google as part of its Google Drive service. Through this, anyone can come up with documents such as a reference sheet, a sign-up sheet template, a fax cover sheet template, and similar items. The ease of use and general user-friendliness is among the program’s greatest assets, meaning the task of coming up with a Google Docs sheet is never an overly difficult one.

How Do You Create a Sheet in Google Docs?

As clearly stated above, the user-friendly nature of the Google Sheets program makes the process of creating a sheet for whatever reason a relatively easy and hassle-free experience. However, for those who are entirely unfamiliar with it may be in need of proper instruction. For their benefit, the following steps are provided below to give them a concise look at what they need to do in order to successfully create a sheet in Google Docs.

1. First Determine What Kind of Sheet You Need to Create

This is the most basic and easiest part of the entire process since all you need to do is make a proper decision as to what type of sheet will be created. Once you have done that, the next logical step would be to go to your Google Docs and start with an empty sheet.

2. Fill Out the Empty Sheet with the Necessary Information or Details

With an empty sheet already prepared from the first step, the next thing would be to start filling it up with whatever content that you need. This may be as complex and extensive as you need it to be or, alternatively, as simple and short. From there, the focus will turn from the necessary details to the additional designs.

3. Create Tables or Columns as Needed

This next step will be generally dependent on whether or not your intended sheet is actually going to require this or not, but if any type of table or columns are needed, then you can easily add them. You can do so by simply clicking on “Insert” and choosing “Table” or “Chart,” which is where you can find the option to insert columns.

4. Format Your Data for a General Ease of Viewing Later

One of the last things you will want to do with your sheet is manipulate and format its data. Be aware that there are basic formatting options found in the rows above the part where you actually start inserting your details and all you need to do is hover over the icon to see for yourself what its description and shortcut key is.

5. Save Your Work and Either Print or Send It Digitally

Now that you’ve finished with the sheet, what comes next is the decision of what you are to do with it. You can always print it out if you want, but if there is a need for you to send what you have made to another person, then know that any sheet made with Google Docs can be digitally sent or shared via email.

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