The IT and software industry rack up huge amounts of money as time goes by. It would be best for business owners to track where the money goes. If you're in this kind of business, our IT and Software Finance Templates can surely help you out! The sample templates include original content and artwork that you can easily customize. With our templates, it's now easier to track your money and allocate a budget for urgent business matters. You can come up with a finance template in minutes as well. Save your time and effort by downloading our templates now!


How to Create IT and Software Finance Template in Google Sheets

The IT and software industry does not just earn money from computers. They also earn money from mobile gadgets as well. With the huge amount of revenue this industry earns every year, it's best for business owners to track where the money goes. Financial templates can help in accomplishing this task. Google Sheets is one of the applications that lets you easily draft financial templates without any hassle.

If you need a guide in creating financial templates, read our helpful tips below.

1. Know the Kind of Template

Decide on the kind of template that you want to make. Finance templates can range from budget sheets, receipts, invoices, etc. Take notes on how to make the template. These notes will serve as your guide later on.

2. Get Info

Get the right information based on the template that you want to make. For budget sheets, you need to have a breakdown of the expected expenses of the company. Make sure that you have the right numbers too.

3. Calculate the Numbers

Open a blank document on Google Sheets. Decide how many rows and columns you want to use. On top of each column, write a category for your data. Every row must also have a name. Put all the numbers on the blank cells and get its total using formulas. For templates such as receipts and invoices, make sure that you don't forget any detail.

4. Check the Document

Check your document to see if there are missing details. Review the numbers and make sure that these are calculated correctly.

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