There are more than 30 million start-up companies in the United States alone. Most of these companies are on the lookout for equipment, software packages, and IT services that will be a vital key in their progress. Aside from these companies, established organizations are also scouting for cost-efficient IT and software services to deliver seamless operations for their clients. With these bulk of potential clients, there is a need for IT companies to step up their game by using IT and Software Quotations Templates in Google Sheets. Our site offers 100% customizable sample templates that will help your company in closing more client deals. 

How to Create IT and Software Quotations in Google Sheets?

One may ask how companies maintain their edge amid the digital revolution of the economy. As most companies are turning toward digital platforms to advance their products, they are also always on the lookout for continuous software development. It is your goal to keep up with their demand by having a quote form ready. Here are some tips on how to keep your quote forms available.

1. Follow a Simple Format

For the clients, the only purpose of a quote is to know the amount that they are due. So make sure to have a format that will highlight these pieces of information. Allocate larger spaces in the form of the total amount.

2. Be Specific

Aside from the agreed price, quote forms also contain the specification of the product or service. In proposals or project quotation templates, for example, make sure to indicate the quantity or an estimate of the order and the specific brand and model. As for services, it is essential to state the scope of work explicitly and clearly.

3. Indicate the Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions serve as the guidelines on the proper use of the quote form. These statements outline the use of the document and how each party should use it. Similar to the stipulations in agreements and contracts, it protects both parties.

4. File the Documents Properly

This last tip goes for both parties. The client or recipient must have a systematic method in filing these documents to compare the quotes from other service providers easily. As for the service providers, the documents must be in proper order so that there will be no mix-ups among other financial documents, such as invoices.

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