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How to Make an IT/Software Schedule in Google Sheets?

Scheduling is a big deal in project management. Project leaders who recognize the importance of planning out tasks, finances, deliverables, and deadlines by creating a timeline of these components have a better shot at accomplishing their project objectives on time. But according to a survey done by Geneca, 80% of project failures are due to reworks. So to help you avoid or minimize downtime with your project, it's best to keep the following in mind:

1. Gather the Necessary Information

Before anything else, begin by gathering all the information you need to create the project schedule. Think of it as a development plan comprised of details that will guide the project team in fulfilling its duties. You need to know what requirements to meet, what tasks to prioritize, what purchases has to be made, and what data to gather before proceeding to the next step.

2. Plan as Far Ahead as Possible

Planning is a strategy that many project managers incorporate into their work schedule. The further you plan, the more likely it is to establish direction through risk and opportunity assessment that may influence your decisions.

3. Add Milestones to Stay Motivated

Setting milestones is key in project scheduling. It helps indicate the start and the end of each phase so that the team may quickly examine the work done and to be done within a particular period. A project status report for tracking everything also keeps the entire team updated on the latest happenings.

4. Keep It Flexible

No project plan is ever set in stone. Unforeseen factors may affect the production of your software project, causing a delay in the project's completion. To avoid drastic changes in your schedule, be sure to calculate and estimate the time it takes to finish each task. Consider using a Gantt Chart, if necessary.

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