How to Make an IT and Software Invoice Template in Google Sheets?

Can you imagine what would happen if a software or IT company will not issue an invoice? They will not only miss a record of sales, but they might also lose the track of creating profits, especially if they land on an irresponsible customer. Tragic, isn't it? That is why issuing invoices is essential. Similarly, knowing how to make one is also vital for your company or business' success. Learn how easy it is to create and structure an invoice layout by taking notes on the guidelines provided below.

1. Always Be Concise

When formatting your invoice layout, make sure to keep it concise and accurate. Only include the essential information that you and your customers need to know. And as much as you want to include the full details or breakdown of the supplied software products or IT services, indicate a summary on the invoice. Provide other supporting details in a separate document or attachment if additional information is necessary.

2. Itemize the Products/Services Supplied

Even if you are encouraged to observe conciseness, this does not give you a free pass to be vague. Your customers would like to know the specific details of the transaction. Do not merely write "software" when you sell products or services instead specify every single and minute detail on it. Do not always rely on attachments to supply the transaction details; only do so when necessary.

3. State and Highlight Payment Terms

To ensure that you get paid and that the customers fully understand their responsibility, it is crucial that you indicate the payment terms. By doing so, a sense of urgency develops once the customer reads the contents of an invoice. Plus, the longer it sticks with them, the more they become reminded of their payment obligations.

4. Ensure Readability

See to it that your customers can read all of the information they need to complete their purchase payment. Consider the wise use of design elements such as grids and lines to separate text elements. Clever use of white space can also make your entire invoice design look less overwhelming to read.

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