Information technology has driven the world forward ever since its inception. Economy, entertainment, and clerical office work have all been made more convenient. Developing software can involve a lot of work, like coding and asset creation. Work like these needs to be reviewed every time there is an error in the program. Reviewing the lines of codes would not be possible without logging the work done in a log sheet. Log sheets are essential to software development, but it does not take the same amount of effort to create one. It would take an even lesser effort to take a look at our website's ready-made IT and Software Log Templates. Customization of the templates is possible, and there is a hassle when downloading.

How to Create IT/Software Log in Google Sheets?

Logs allow you control and proper management of a project, by making sure that there is clear documentation of things like codes, financial tasks, checklists, and inventories. All are essential for the completion of the project and all involve a lot of effort to make. However, making logs does not require hours of work to make; in fact, you can start by reading the following tips.

1. Have a Clear Idea of Your Log's Purpose

Before you create an IT/software log, perhaps you should consider planning its creation. During planning, it will be helpful if you ask questions relevant to your objective, in this case, making a log sheet. You can start with the question, what's the purpose of the log? What sort of information do you need to document? From there, you can think of the subsequent questions.

2. Follow or Create Format

Once you have determined the purpose of your log, you can also determine what sort of format you can use. Is it a log for planning and management, risk reduction, or maybe a progress chart. Your format is dictated by what purpose your log is going to serve.

3. Select Spreadsheet Application

The most effective application for log sheet creation is a spreadsheet because it gives you a lot of options in making your IT/Software log, assuming that you have access to a computer. To proceed, you should choose an application that your familiar with, is it Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or another application that allows you to open a spreadsheet.

4. Create the Sheet

After opening your spreadsheet, you can now begin making your log sheet. Input the categories that you will need to classify and identify datasheets. Explore your options, feel free to use the features of the application so that you can make more efficient.

5. A Sprinkle of Creativity

Your log sheet does not have to be bland and colorless. Bring out your inner artist. Use color-coding, apply colors so that you can distinguish one type of data from another.

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