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When trying to raise charity money for the welfare of either children, the church or the community, writing a Donation letter or a Donation request is a must. A Donation Letter is a letter of correspondence that aims to assist any charitable institution by handing the letters out to people willing to undergo sponsorship. It’s a form of fundraising, whether it may be for orphaned children, the reconstruction of a church or even to help fund community outreach programs.

There are different kinds of Donation Letters and here are some examples: basic donation letter, special event promotion, gift-in-kind donation request letter, individual time request, corporate donation request and many more. When writing a donation letter, one must always remember to describe the non-profit organization, what are its goals and objectives and indicate its logo;

There must be a clear approach on the matter of a donation being made, as well as an explanation as to, what the organizations aims to achieve through this donation, making the donation letter sound as professional as possible, all while appealing to the reader as a person. Lastly, you must express how grateful you are towards the recipient of the letter for their kind donation to your cause. Remember to add your contact information after stating all the things you need to say, that way they can contact you if they have further questions about your fundraiser and make sure to indicate your name and signature as well.

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