The marketing department in a business or organization is responsible for creating concrete marketing plans to promote services or products. However, they will not be able to coordinate well and satisfy your business's goals and objectives if they don't know their functions, rights, and responsibilities. That is why having an organizational chart is necessary. For that reason, we present to you our pre-made Marketing Organizational Chart Templates with layout, designs, and content ready to customize in Apple Pages. They are available for immediate print in A4 and US sizes. Let your marketing employees know their workload and duties effectively by grabbing any of our org chart templates now.

How to Make a Marketing Organizational Chart in Apple Pages

Based on an article from Chron, having organizational charts or structures is essential since this enables staff and employees to communicate better and allows them to work well according to their duties. Thus, if you want your marketing department to operate competently, you need to have a detailed marketing organizational chart. Below are guides on how to make one.

1. Choose an Orientation

Before you start constructing your marketing organization chart, you have to choose an orientation style first—whether vertical or horizontal. In doing this, you have to evaluate how your business or organization works so you can decide what fits your blank chart and whats not. If your company or org have that hierarchy flow, you can pick the vertical orientation form. However, if decision making within the marketing department is open to the whole staff, then you can select the horizontal structure.

2. Create a Rough Outline

If you have already chosen a style for your marketing department chart, the next thing that you need to do is to create a rough draft. Doing this will help you sort out the length of the chart and content that you want. It also allows you to consider the most significant positions in your department to prioritize in your marketing organizational chart. Having a draft first prior to the actual thing gives you the opportunity to have a constant and productive chart-making process.

3. Add Shapes

Once your marketing organizational chart draft is already available, you can already proceed to create the structure. Start by choosing shapes to use for your sample chart. There are different shapes available that you can use to craft your company chart—square, rounded rectangle, circle, folder shape, round left, round right, chevron, and more. You can either combine all the shapes if you want to make your org chart creative. But, to make your marketing organizational chart presentable and simple, we suggest you stick to only one style.

4. Organize the Staff

When you finish making the chart, the next thing you need to do is to fill in each of the boxes with your employee's names and positions. Begin from the highest position in the marketing department, as chief marketing head, then followed by other staff. Whatever your printable chart content is, make sure that it suits your purpose.

In encoding details into your marketing organizational chart, you can make use of Apple Pages. This application is easy to use and has editing tabs, including chart styles that you can use. Using this will be convenient for you since it is compatible with almost every device—laptop, iPad, iPhone, MAC, and personal computer.

5. Display the Org Chart

After that, it is now time for you to display your marketing organization flowchart. You can place copies of your chart in every corner of your marketing office or on bulletin boards as long as it is easy to see for your marketing staff. If you want to make sure that your team will have individual copies, you can send out your marketing organizational chart file via email.

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