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What Is a Modern Flyer?

A modern flyer is a piece of paper that endorses a certain event or product in a modern way. The flyer uses present and on-trend designs to catch the public's attention more. It is one of the most used promotional strategies by many companies.

How to Make Modern Flyer

modern flyer template

A modern style flyer can mean a minimal flyer. The trending design, at this age, is the minimalist design approach. It is a clean straightforward approach of design that is meant to be simple, yet on point. However, just because it's minimal does not mean that you can't put any complex designs. As long as it does not overpower the content and is highly relevant to the purpose of the flyer, you can incorporate such designs. So here are the steps in making a modern flyer.

1. Plan Your Flyer

Before anything else, plan the content of your flyer. Find out what flyer you are making. Is it a professional flyer, marketing flyer, business flyer, event flyer, real estate flyer, or a restaurant flyer. Knowing the type of flyer helps you move faster and design faster. Plan what you have to include in your flyer. You may include small details that may be necessary for your flyer. Modern flyers may only use fewer words, but those words weigh a lot.

2. Decide the Layout

Using your trusted flyer maker, select your layout. Choose which layout favors your taste better and is relevant to the type of flyer. If the promotional flyer only needs very few words and content, use a half sheet size (5.5 × 8.5 in). If it requires a lot of content, use a large format (11 × 7 in). The most common size is the standard size (8.5 × 11 in). Also, decide your format orientation.

3. Design the Flyer

Use your creativity and have fun designing your modern and creative flyer. You have to keep in mind that you are aiming for a modern style of design, so aim for minimal. Having a minimal design does not mean that you have to keep it flat and too simple. You can play with colors and shapes as long as you are not overdoing it. You have to design it in accordance with the purpose of the flyers too. Make sure to incorporate colors and shapes that are relevant to the content of the flyer.

4. Insert the Texts

Now, you have to insert texts. The main focus of the flyer is the sole purpose of the flyer, which is the product, brand, or event that you are promoting. Put that and make it big and noticeable. It should be the portion of the flyer that catches the attention of the public first. That way, they would know the purpose right away and if they are interested. Next, put the important details. Insert the relevant information on your product or event. If you are promoting an event, make sure the time, date, and place are included.

5. Wrapping Up

Finalize your modern flyer. Do several check-ups first before settling. Then, if you are 100% sure of your work, save and download it. Give it away to the public for promotion.

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