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How to Create a Modern Certificate?

In this modern-day and age, certificates are surprisingly instrumental in establishing the branding for your business or organization. Aside from that, it is already a common thing that in every course, participation, or training you take, you are about to receive a modern type of certificate. May it be an award certificate, diploma certificate, completion certificate, or appreciation certificate.

Modern Certificate sounds something new and a tough thing to make, but it is still a certificate that contains the same contents but with a little twist. It has a modern touch in the aspect of purpose and design. If you are planning to make a modern certificate, then you can download one of our templates presented above. We also prepared steps below that will be a big help when you make your modern certificate.

1. Identify the Purpose

To be able to craft the modern certificate in the right format and layout, you must determine first the purpose. It is because the design and contents of the certificate will depend on the reason why it is made. You need to know what is the certificate is for then after that, making the certificate will be easy.

2. Plan the Layout and Design

One difference between modern certificates to an ordinary certificate is the design. Modern certificates have a more detailed design compared to the ordinary. To achieve your modern certificate, plan the layout and design of your certificate so that when you do the actual designing, it will be smooth and faster. Use our templates and customize the design by modifying the font, changing the background, and altering the color scheme.

3. Add Brief Details

It is essential that the certificate contains a brief explanation and information about why it was given, when and where it was handed to the recipient. The description can be placed before or after the recipient's name. Also, include a description of your company, to make the certificate legal. To make the certificate formal and to achieve branding, add the logo of your organization or company.

4. Know your Recipient

The recipient is the main character of the certificate. That is why you need to know a little about the character of the recipient. The certificate that you will give to the recipient will be more memorable for them if it is made according to their liking. Besides, knowing the recipient will save you from misspelling their name.

5. Print for Distribution

Certificates are made for bragging and for being proud. Because it means that you have done something right, completed a difficult task, or finally reached the final stage of studying, which is the graduation. That is why certificates should be printed in high-quality. So, when you use a printed certificate, use parchment paper since this material is specialized for certificates. The final step is to hand the certificate properly. Enclose the certificate into a frame or in an envelope to make the recognition formal.

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