Are you getting tired of the old menu look? Does your customer have to flip through the pages of your menu? Want to reinvent the style of your menus and go for the modern look? You came to the right place! Our Modern Menu Templates is just what you exactly need! With a minimalist layout, your customer will see everything in one place and won't have to flip through many pages again! Your customers will love the trendy reinvention. What's more, you can download our modern menu template instantly and can edit them in MS Word, Illustrator, Publisher, Photoshop, or Apple Pages. Everything is 100% customizable, so you can save time and money and will never have to worry if you want to change the menu design every day. 

What Is a Modern Menu?

A menu is a list of all the foods and beverages being offered and served by restaurants, cafes, diners, and other food business plans to all its customers and comes in different styles. An elegant menu is an upgrade of the classic menu incorporated with new ideas to keep up with new food trends.

How to Make a Modern Menu

To make a modern menu, you have to decide what kind of style you want to design it with and what its content should be. If you want to create your printable menu that is both trendy but retains minimalism and modernity, follows the steps below:

1. Decide the Theme

Your food menu design should have a theme. Most of the time, F&B (food and beverages) establishments always model their menu according to their restaurant's ambiance. Do you want a laid-back style that mirrors your urban French premium casual restaurant? Or do you prefer a rustic and trendy menu for your cafe? If you have weekly or monthly specials or events, you have to create a theme and design your menu accordingly with every circumstances.

2. Plan the Contents

Your simple menu should include the most important basics: list of food offered, beverages sold, the bestsellers, and promos, e.g. Buy 1 bucket of _____, you get 1 _____, if there is one. For foods, you can put a description under each name and what it consists of. If it is a package meal, or what we call a value meal, you can write what its inclusions are.

3. Put Photos

Placing images of your best sellers or the foods and drinks you want to sell can add anticipation for your customers. They will have a firsthand view of what the food would look like. Pictures also add to the general flavor of your editable menu concepts, so make sure to get the best photographer in town to take shots of your prized chef's best dishes!

4. Vary Choices for Every Season or Occasions

Every restaurant has hosted an occasion or two. Dinner parties, birthdays, baby shower, Christmas parties, Halloween, baptism, weddings, you name it. To build up your customer count and give your restaurant a boost in sales, you can prepare for specialized menus made for events and celebrations. These will allow your clients to taste a wide variety of excellent cuisine alternatives from their usual food preferences.

5. Focus on Your Specialty

Do you have a French or Italian restaurant? Then, offer your customers a French or Italian menu! From hors d'oeuvre to les desserts favoris, make your patrons feel like they're eating alongside Regal Riviera or in front of Champ Elysees. Are you operating a pizza and burger restaurant? Try whipping up the most enticing menu that offers the biggest burger or the largest pizza ever! You can even allow them to try and make their pizza or burger flavors! They will surely love it!

6. Don't Overdo It

Your menu should offer only the best. It is nice to focus more on the menu itself than overdoing the design. This is a very common mistake food business owners make. Leave room for white space. Avoid putting too many colors, too many decorations, and blurry fonts. Emphasize the list because it is the main point of the menu anyway. Keep it light, readable, and appetizing. Don't worry too much, the names of your food are already mouth-watering enough that your customers won't be able to look much about design details.

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