People resort to different things to entertain themselves. Some people play sports and others watch films or television programs. One recreational activity that hasn’t changed (except for the content and format) is reading. Whether it’s a novel or a magazine, you’re always guaranteed to gain an audience. So if you’re planning to create your own magazine then you can refer to our modern magazine templates. The template is professionally made and available for download through your mobile device or computer. Its format includes the following: Microsoft Word (.docx), Adobe Photoshop (.psd), Adobe InDesign (.indd & .idml), Microsoft Publisher (.pub), Apple Pages (.pages), Adobe Illustrator (.ai) and Sample. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe now!

What Is a Modern Magazine?

A printable magazine is referred to as a publication which is printed or electronically published on a regular schedule. It contains a variety of content, which is categorized into general interest and special interest, with special interest magazines further categorized into the following: farm, sports, music, business, entertainment, travel, automobile, children’s, women’s, men’s, literary, fashion, food, health, and lifestyle. A modern magazine is essentially the same with only the visual appearance changing.

How To Make An Aesthetic Modern Magazine

People subscribe and purchase magazine for the content it has and the images that accompanies it. So the question at hand is how do you create an aesthetic modern magazine? It may look so simple but believe me, there’s a lot to address. To know how to make your very own magazine, we’re going to have to follow the steps below.

1. Choose A Specific Theme To Your Magazine

The first thing you’re going to have to do is choose what kind of magazines you want to produce. If you look up, you can see that you have a lot of choices to pick from. When you finally decide on one, you need to identify the mission and purpose of your magazine. From there, you can follow the next step.

2. Decide The Title of Your Magazine

Since we have a theme for your sample magazine, the next thing you can do is to decide what your magazine will be called. Even if you do have a title in mind, then you shouldn’t just settle for it. You have to take some time to consider how appropriate and witty your title can be. The title has to be something that stands out in a rack of magazines.

3. Identifying Your Audience

Now that you know what kind of creative magazine you will be making you should be able to identify your target audience. Again, it seems like such a simple task but you need to specify what kind of reader you want to draw in. Consider the following: the age, gender, the location of your audience, their occupation, socio-economic status, their educational level, marital status, religious affiliations, beliefs, interests, and many other factors. Sounds daunting, doesn’t it? Maybe but it helps you to know what their preferences are.

4. Research The Topics Your Magazine Can Cover

Before you pick up a pen to start writing your content, you need to go back to your magazines theme. It certainly has the potential to bring in readers but the number of topics in it can be overwhelming. So take some time to do some research and divide the topics into subtopics. When you finish, you can begin writing down your content.

5. Creating The Design of Your Magazine

Now that you’ve got your theme, title, and content, let’s get to the design. Keep in mind that the design of your magazine will be it’s permanent look. So make sure the design presents the magazine’s personality. For the cover, if you’re going to add more than one image then make sure that it doesn’t look too much like a mess. You’ll want your readers to be pleased with your design. The color you choose will depend on your brand. There’s no specific rule for the colors.

6. Publication And Distribution

Now that you have your print magazine, you’re ready to publish it to the world. You have the choice to publish it on print in the traditional way or you can publish it online. Both are still good to get you readers.

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