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What Is a Rack Card?

Businesses and companies all over the world make use of different marketing strategies to be a step ahead of their competitors. They use various promotional materials such as brochures, flyers, magazines, tv commercials, event tickets, and rack cards. Among the materials stated, creating a rack card would be one of the best decisions an advertiser will ever make. A rack card is a cost-efficient promotional tool that helps businesses promote their products and services. It may also contain information like upcoming events, contact numbers, email address, additional information about products and services, or anything that builds awareness and increases sales.

How to Create a Modern Rack Card?

modern rack card template

With the advent of technology, people may think that print media is dying and customers will rely more on digital marketing campaigns. Contrary to this belief, statistics show that 85% of the consumers are more likely to shop with a business that promotes their products and services through printed promotional materials.

Want your business to earn more? Then start creating a modern rack card by following the steps provided below.

1. Limit Your Fonts and Colors

Before you start designing your sample rack card, you first have to select the right fonts and colors. Choose fonts that are creative yet highly legible so as not to confuse the audience. Also, avoid using more than three fonts—a heading, subheading, and body copy font would be enough. For the colors, use the ones that would best represent your brand to establish a strong corporate identity. Making use of a premade color palette would also help you achieve a visually aesthetic design.

2. Use High-Quality Photos

The next step is to start attaching photos to your design. Begin by placing your company’s logo where it is immediately recognizable. To effectively communicate your message and attain the best results after printing, it is advisable to use photos that are of high-quality and taken by a professional photographer. Remember to leave room for the details you have to include in your minimalist rack card.

3. Type Details

What message would you want to relay to your potential customers or clients? Write them all down yet observe brevity in doing so. If you are creating a real estate rack card, make sure that you highlight the property’s features, price, amenities, and contact details.

4. Include a Call to Action

This is one of the most effective strategies in advertising since it helps provoke an immediate response from the audience. A call to action would eventually convert the audience to a customer. For example, if you are creating a hotel rack card to promote your guests, food, and/or hotel care services, you can include a statement like “We care about you, visit our hotel today!”

5. Save, Print, and Display

After creating a modern beauty rack card, hair salon rack card, travel agency rack card, or restaurant rack card, save it to get it ready for printing. Make sure to print it on high-quality card stock. Lastly, find a suitable rack card holder and display it on strategic areas such as lobbies, showrooms, and waiting areas.

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