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What is a Label?

Products—be it a bottle of wine, rum, champagne, or vodka, or a jar of honey and jam, should all have one thing in common: a simple label. It is a small piece of printed paper, fabric, or plastic film used to provide information about a product or an object. It is usually tied to an item using a twine, yarn, or plastic tie. Some labels are printed on a sticker paper and are directly attached to a product. Labels are sometimes referred to as tags, swing tags, tickets, or stickers.

Products without labels will surely go unrecognized. In the business industry, product labels play a significant role for both producers and consumers. Labels help the producers promote their product, establish their brand, and communicate relevant information about their goods to the consumers. On the other hand, consumers rely on product labels for them to know more about a product. In line with that, a study revealed that 77% of Americans read food labels.

How to Create a Modern Label?

Labels come in different shapes, colors, and sizes and are used for various purposes. Aside from providing information, identification, or warning, labels may also be used as a gift voucher tag. Whichever purpose it may serve you, we have provided you five steps to create a modern label for a smooth label-making process.

1. Start With the Shape

Let’s say that you’re now facing a blank canvas on your computer screen after launching an editing software or program. The first thing you will do is to choose a shape you would like to use for the label. It is important that you start by choosing the shape so that you will have a clear idea on how the text/s and graphic element/s will fit in your design. If you want to make use of unique shapes, you may download a free printable vector art online or simply download our ready-made label templates.

2. Select a Color Scheme

To come up with a modern label design, make sure that you choose the right colors. Since a label is just a small piece of printed material, limit your color options to three. You may also match the color scheme with the ongoing holiday or event like Christmas, 4th of July, Easter, and others.

3. Choose Fonts

Aside from colors, fonts also help set the mood of the readers. The right fonts will effectively convey a message to the readers. See to it that the fonts you are using for your design are aesthetically pleasing and legible at the same time. However, you are not limited to the pre-installed fonts on a program, you may purchase or download modern fonts online.

4. Type Desired Details

Now that you have decided what fonts and colors you will use, start typing the details you would like to include in your creative label. For a modern wine label, include certain information such as the producer, country of origin, type of wine, alcohol content, and bottle volume.

5. Save and Print

After reviewing your content and design, save your file to get it ready for printing. It is highly recommended that you print it on a matte finish card stock for the end product to look elegant and sophisticated.

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