Impressing investors and having capital is essential in any new business. However, it isn't the easiest thing in the world either—there are plenty of ways to make investors uninterested and unwilling to fork up that sweet, green gold. To make things worse, you're expected to be an excellent presenter to an equally excellent presentation that you have to make too. If only a website with high quality, time-saving, printable, professionally made, and beautifully designed modern pitch deck presentation templates existed, right? Well, we do actually. Here at our website, our templates are 100% customizable so you can switch them up and edit them in any way you want and need for maximum convenience. Did we mention that we have all sorts of templates? Ranging from sponsorship pitch deck templates, sales pitch templates, investor pitch deck templates, even insurance, and corporate pitch deck templates, we have everything you need for an amazing presentation made easily accessible to you if you subscribe today!

How to Create a Modern Pitch Deck

modern pitch deck template

In the age of technological advancements, pitching of ideas to potential investors has both become easier and harder at the same time. Nowadays, not only can you simply email your investors a copy of your product with all the necessary information in walls of text, but you can also present to them your idea in front of them. However, this has also leads to an increase in the standards of investors as not only does a product have to be good, it must be viable marketability-wise, must be profitable, and must "hook" the target customer group's loyalty to your product and service. Presenting an idea in front of shrewd and business-minded investors can be a challenge, and doing so will require both a good presentation and a charismatic presenter. So how do you make a modern pitch deck that'll have investors showering you with money? Here are a few helpful tips:

1. Use a Good Format

There are plenty of options, but to give you a concept, the ideal format must be easy to edit, preferably slide-based, and can allow you to present your product in creative ways. Microsoft and Keynotes are some of the most commonly used formats. Google Slides is also preferable. However, a good format is only a quarter of everything needed for a great presentation; the other half comes from what you put inside.

2. Sell a Solution through a Problem

This is where being a good storyteller can be handy as you want to capture the minds of your investors; take them to your friendly neighborhood or the plastic-ridden oceans or whatever you want to implant in their minds. Tell them about how your neighborhood is near perfect except for the pests around your home or how poor, innocent turtles are being drowned by plastic and how straws are jammed by the current up into their nostrils. The main idea is to present a problematic situation in your business presentation that needs to be solved. Try to also give vague hints on the possible "solution" to the problem.

3. Begin the Big Reveal

Once you've established a status quo for your investors, you can start talking about your product. Tell them about your magic little black box that doesn't release chemicals to kill vermin but instead release a constant, high-static noise that drives them away or things like that. The investors have to see how great your product and its solution is, how effective it is compared to the conventional method, and how cost-friendly or environmentally better it is. Be specific with this in your marketing presentation. You don't just want to sell another product, you want to sell a better product compared to what's already in the market.

4. Have a Great Team Composition

Your company investors probably now have that look on their faces where they are interested but still skeptical. To help erase their skepticism, show them that your product isn't just an idea; show them that it is practical and doable because of your amazing team of experts. Introduce your investors to your team of researchers, trendsetters, spokespeople, and tell them how important each member is to the team. A project with an amazing team will always do better than an amazing project with a lackluster team.

5. Have Market Opportunity and Strategy Details

A transition from tip 4 is that once your team has been introduced, you can show them the information you have gathered—most importantly (1) the opportunities your products have and how they could survive the competition in the market, and (2) what are the strategies you have all planned to capitalize on the said opportunities.

6. Wrap It Up

Finally, to really seal the deal, come up with a powerful conclusion to your creative pitch deck presentation. It doesn't have to be overly dramatic or fancy, it just has to convey your desired message. It would be a mistake to not invest in our well-researched, professionally designed, and profitable product. Now you can stand there as you are met with a round of applause and investors wanting to finance your product

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