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What Is a Simple Organizational Chart?

An organizational chart is a form of a flowchart that shows the relationship of members within an organization. This is also an essential tool that helps in management, subordination, and division of labor. With the help of an organizational chart, it is easier to determine who will report to whom. Also, with an org chart, it is a lot convenient to designate tasks for a certain position or job.

How To Make A Simple Organizational Chart?

Most organizational charts are in the form of a diagram that is connected with lines signifying the relationship between certain positions. Organizational charts are needed in most organizations to organize the nature of work that governs it. To make a simple organizational chart that is effective in every way, follow these steps that we made.

1. Know your Organization's Structure

Before heading straight to your actual organizational chart, you need to take time to learn your organization's structure. Be familiar with the members of the organization, know what kind of work they do, learn what position they are working on, and ask them what role they are playing in the organization. Conduct an interview if it is necessary. Ask many questions as you need to. The point is you need to know the organization entirely in order to make an effective org chart.

3. Decide What Kind of Flowchart You Will Use

An organizational chart is a document that you can make for different reasons. But no matter what reason it is be sure that it will serve its purpose. When you decide what kind of flowchart you need, try to look from the highest positioned member to the lower positioned member. With this, you can also organize your org chart well.

3. Gather the Information

Once you have decided what kind of flowchart you are going to use, you have to collect information for your organizational chart. Gather members' name, their title, and their relationships with one another if you are working on a member-based chart. For a section-based chart, collect the names of all the sections and how they relate to one another.

4. Select a Template

Before starting the actual company chart, make a rough draft of your flow chart. A rough draft is your temporary org chart where you can make alteration however you want. In creating a visual of your structure, begin with the largest parts like the main section or the highest positioned member. Once you have established a visual of what your chart needs to look like and how much information you'll want to include, you can now start the actual chart. Though you make your chart from scratch, we recommend using a template to make it more convenient.

5. Pick Software

Microsoft Office is a good software to start when choosing a word processing application to build your chart, as it's readily available and user-friendly. Yet, you can still use Google Doc or Pages. You can also use the templates that you can find in the software.

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