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What Is a Purchase Letter?

A purchase letter is a letter that states the intention of a company to avail of the products and services of another company. It's a legally binding document that both parties should agree on.

How to Write a Purchase Letter

A business wouldn't survive without purchasing essentials to keep it going. Business owners do a lot of buying and transacting with other businesses. A lot of requests, inquiries, cancellations, and agreements happen in between. You need to write a purchase letter if you need to buy essential things for your business.

If you need some ideas, read our tips below.

1. Set the Tone

Before writing your letter, keep in mind that you have to use a formal and businesslike tone. You're dealing with an entire business organization. However, don't forget to begin your letter with a warm greeting.

2. Give Background of the Purchase

State the item or items that you want to purchase. Be specific on its price and description. Set delivery date and location of the items, mode of payment, and advanced payment as well.

3. Specify the Terms

A purchase request won't be valid without some terms and conditions. Write down a list of the terms in the clearest way possible. Make sure that these terms are doable. Use simple language in explaining each term. You also have to agree on your rights and responsibilities for the items. These rights should be fair for both parties.

4. Prompt an Action

End your business letter on a good note. Put your contact information and tell them to call or message you if they have any questions regarding your conditions.

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