Being able to bring a business to the top of the market needs a lot more work and dedication along with an effective marketing strategy. To make your restaurant business as the leading restaurant in your area, you need to step up with your advertising materials. With that being said, we offer you our beautifully made and professionally crafted Restaurant Brochure templates in Apple Pages. Our templates will help you incorporate the right marketing content as well as designs that will entice more customers. This is available in A4 and US sizes and accessible in various file formats such as Apple Pages, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe InDesign, and more. What are you waiting for? Download our 100% customizable templates now!

How to Make a Restaurant Brochure in Apple Pages

Versatility. That is one of the many things why brochures are important in marketing a business. According to, brochures can be handed out to the customers anywhere, may it be in front of your office, waiting areas, lobbies, and even in presentations and business meetings. Indeed, brochures are accessible by clients anytime.

Hence, to make your restaurant business the leading restaurant in your area, making an impressive restaurant marketing brochure is imperative. But don't fret, we have some well-thought tips for you that you may follow to create an effective and efficient restaurant brochure.

1. Planning is Necessary

Before you begin making a brochure for your restaurant business, you have to come up with a concrete plan first. You are not just doing this for the sake of marketing your business. You are creating a brochure to make your restaurant business the top restaurant and gain more customers. Thus, it is essential for you to know how to produce a competent advertising brochure.

2. The Content Matters

Once you finish planning, it is time for you to collect the essential details to incorporate in your simple brochure. The information you need to gather must consist of an overview of your restaurant, the menu of foods you offer with prices on each, the address of your restaurant, contact information, and social media handles. Write these details in a sheet and set aside.

3. Images and Designs

One of the first things your customers will notice in your brochure is its appearance. Hence, it will be better for you to place high-quality and appetizing food images as well as eye-catching designs. A good choice of photos and illustrations will hook your audience to read what's inside your elegant brochure. However, make sure that you will use the food images that reflect on the foods you offer in your restaurant. The goal is to entice more customers to eat in your restaurant, not confuse them.

4. Combine the Content, Images, and Designs

When you already have the content, images, and designs, the next thing you need to do is to combine them all. You may use Apple Pages in doing that. This is a word processor not only allows you to write content, but it also allows you to create simple yet appealing designs. Using this user-friendly application is also convenient since it is accessible using Mac, iPad, or iPhone, or even a personal computer.

5. Edit then Distribute

After following all the guides above, the last thing you must do is to proofread your restaurant brochure template. Evaluate if there are errors in the content, or if the layouts and designs are ruined. Editing your brochure before you print it enables you to produce an attractive and informative marketing brochure. If you think your restaurant brochure is good to go, then you may proceed to print. Then, disseminate your brochures to crowded places to make sure you will reach a lot of prospects.

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