Businesses, no matter how large or small, need organizational charts to help them design the structure that will help meet the needs and objectives of the business. It can help guide the employees regarding their rights and responsibilities as it shows the clear division of functions of a department, organization, or corporation. It also shows the importance of the functions that each employee and department is undertaking to make the business run smoothly. Our website offers editable Retail Organizational Charts in Google Docs format to help you layout your company organizational chart, so sign up now.

How to Create a Retail Organizational Chart

Your company organizational chart should effectively show all the roles and functions of the employees in their respective departments, without looking cluttered or overwhelming. It is important that the chart is easy to read and understand to avoid any confusion about its contents. Here are some tips to help you create your retail organizational chart:

1. Use a mix of horizontal and vertical arrangements to fit the chart on one page

It is easier to understand information when you see all of it in one glance. To avoid confusion in the roles and responsibilities of the employees and departments, fitting the organizational chart in one page helps. However, take note that you should use a mix of horizontal and vertical arrangements to avoid the chart being too long or too wide.

2. Group employees by title

Put all individuals with the same title, or working in the same department, in one box. Doing so would save a lot of space compared to assigning a box to each employee.

3. Make the boxes the same size

Charts look better organized when created with the same size and spacing. This makes the chart look more professional. Google Docs and Sheets can help you create organizational software that does this automatically, although you may use other software that can help you organize your chart easier.

4. An online version of your chart can show more information

Creating an online version of your chart can be useful for all your employees as it helps them interact with the information made available for them. An online or virtual chart can include more details about an employee such as contact information, job descriptions, or even have links to records in the company’s employee database.

5. Break up large charts into smaller linked charts

For companies and organizations with a large number of employees, it is difficult to fit the entire organizational chart into a single page. To avoid making a clutter, a more manageable approach would be to break the chart into smaller groups, each of which constitutes of a reasonably-sized chart. For physical copies, this will mean multiple pages of charts, while online, you can link the charts together for easier access.

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