It’s important for any business transaction to have all the necessary documents sorted out. For a service agreement, in particular, both the client and the contractor must have an iron-clad contract where they can outline the terms of the job, from payment to the termination. In line with this, we urge you to check out our Service Contract Templates to make sure your own transaction is legitimate and reliable. Available in Google Docs, each one has a ready-made format and professionally-written sample content you can refer to as you write your document. They’re all printable and easy to customize. Download one now!

How to Make a Service Contract in Google Docs

An article by the Harvard Business Review highlighted the importance of trust between two parties entering a business contract or agreement. They need to clearly define the basic terms of the transaction, to ensure that they both get what they need from the deal. The same goes for contractors agreeing to render certain services. To get started on your own service contract, you may follow the steps we’ve prepared below.

1. Identify the Scope of Work

Begin by clearly outlining the work that is expected from the contractor. Be it for construction work or software maintenance, it’s important for both parties to know the specific deliverables the transaction requires. You may refer to the proposal or plan that the client and the contractor agreed upon.

2. Determine All Applicable Terms

After you’re done with the scope of work, look into how comprehensive you want the contract to be. If it’s necessary, consult with a legal representative or choose a suitable template to ensure that you include all terms that are applicable to your service agreement.

3. Finalize the Payment Conditions

All services rendered require their just compensation. For your contract, determine the specific payment terms and conditions that are agreeable for both the client and the contractor. Set the amount and schedule, and make sure the document specifies how the payment will be conducted.

4. Outline Concrete Steps for Dispute Resolution and Termination

Both parties have to decide on the process that will apply in the event of a contract breach. Decide who will be the mediators, and what kind of legal consequences certain violations will have. You also have to set a deadline for notices and resolutions. In case a dispute cannot be resolved, set the conditions for contract termination.

5. Review and Sign

Make sure to review all the details before you consider your contract final. While it’s important to have the document prepared on schedule, it’s also vital that you strengthen the terms and conditions applicable to the services required. Afterward, ensure that both parties are able to sign and have a copy of the document.

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