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Notebooks and journals have always been the go to when recording any sort of information. Notebooks for the most part played a very important role in education while journals have always been there for accounting and personal reasons. With the advent of technology, notebooks and journals have taken on new forms and have been digitized as well to conform with the present advancements.

However, due to the same advancements, notebooks are staging a comeback of sorts as it is now more easier than ever to customize and personalize notebooks. As such, notebooks have never been as useful as ever due to the following reasons:

  • One of the main reasons behind notebooks is for record keeping. Memories fade but writing does not. Having reference on a transaction or event helps in remembering or may serve as evidence of such happening or occurrence.

  • Notebooks and journals are also useful in translating thoughts into reality or actions. Ideas are being recognized and then realized after being written down.

  • Notebooks and journals help in self evaluation. By reading your own thoughts and ideas, you learn more about yourself and how you think. This helps in evaluating your strengths and weaknesses and doing something about them.

  • Through notebooks and journals, liability or responsibility is learned after recording actions made to progress or inch closer to the goals you have set. This in turn will inspire you to try even harder and strive to reach your chosen targets.

These Notebook and Journal Templates are designed by experts keeping you and the purpose in mind. All templates include fully customizable layout files, carefully selected high quality, 300 dpi resolution stock photos and custom illustrations. Download anytime and anywhere and on any chosen device these templates and print from the comfort of your home or commercially. Best of all, these templates are here for free. So help yourselves by downloading these extremely useful and highly shareable notebook and journal templates now and take advantage of this rare, life saving opportunity.