How to Copy or Duplicate a Google Slide Presentation

Do you need help copying any Google Slide presentation? This article gives you the basic 411 of how to duplicate Google Slide presentations effortlessly. how-to-copy-or-duplicate-a-google-slide-presentation-01

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How to Copy or Duplicate a Google Slide Presentation

  • Step 1: Open Google Slides First

    Visit to access Google Slides. Then, you can eventually create a presentation and explore Google Slides‘ features.


  • Step 2: Open a Slideshow and Choose the Slide to Copy

    Inside the page, create a Google Slides or open a presentation or slideshow. Then, select a specific slide you want to copy from the list of existing slides found on the left side of your screen.

  • Step 3: Click Duplicate Slide


    Now that you have chosen a specific slide to copy, hit “Slide” found at the top menu of your screen. Then, tap “Duplicate slide” to create a copy of a slide. You will immediately see a copy of the slide. Repeat the process if you want to duplicate and copy slides further. Just remember that the copied slide will always follow after the original slide. But, you can always copy and paste a slide. Or, click and drag the copied slide to change its order in the flow of your overall presentation.

  • Step 4: Try Another Shortcut to Copy a Slide


    Another helpful method to copy a slide shortly is by right-clicking the slide you want to duplicate. Then, select “Duplicate slide.” It is that easy. And the best part in right-clicking an existing slide is you have a range of editable tools. You can make a new slide, cut a slide, paste a slide, change transition, change theme, change the background, duplicate a shape, apply a layout, and so much more. Customize now!

  • Step 5: Make a Copy of the Selected Slides or the Entire Presentation


    A helpful alternative if you wish to copy selected files or the entire presentation is to click “File” from the upper menu. Tap “Make a copy” and you can pick whether to copy an entire presentation or just some selected slides. Click it and a popup window will appear that lets you name the copied presentation. Also, you can decide to share it with others, copy comments, or remove speaker notes. Then, press “OK” if done.

    Why are you allowed to copy and duplicate slides in Google Slides?
    Being allowed to copy or duplicate slides in Google Slides makes it easier for you to save time and produce the same slides from a presentation without working on each copy from scratch. You can recreate every presentation and even lots of times; yet, still retain the original feels of where you copied specific slides from. And such features are also available when you use Google Slides on mobile.

    What is the shortcut to creating a new slide?

    The keyboard shortcut to make a new slide is Ctrl + M.

What is the shortcut for slideshow in Google Slides?

Ctrl + F5 is the keyboard shortcut for the slideshow.

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When was Google Slides invented?

Google Slides was initially released on March 9, 2006. And Sam Schillace was named the inventor of it.