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Testimonials are profound social proofs that strengthen the marketing effort. These are incredible tools that help you reach the right people at the right time, but before you begin posting the nice words from your brand loyalists, pay attention to the right testimonial sizes so these impressive commendations will look great on your page. testimonial-sizes

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Testimonial Sizes Standard

A testimonial doesn’t only feature the deep appreciation of a customer for the product or service being advocated. It comes with a hero shot or a visual representation of the actual attester to prove the existence of this individual and the veracity of their claim. The featured image typically measures the following width and height.

600 x 275 pixels

Having the width adjusted to 600 pixels and the height to 275 pixels should give the featured image crisp and refined image quality. These dimensions are commonly used when creating a testimonial for the real estate.

900 x 554 pixels

A testimonial displayed on 900 × 554 pixels offers well-defined details not only on a mobile device but also on the computer screen. These dimensions would also be great when you get it on print.

960 x 1280 pixels

Testimonial featured images rendered at these dimensions are excellent for websites. So if you have a page waiting to be filled, try adding customer testimonials with their photos on them, and see how well can these do to your business.

1024 x 388 pixels

Getting your testimonial image scaled to 1024 × 388 pixels gives you better quality print, with the quote included. Remember, testimonials are fondly shared with genuine intentions, so make them stand out with genuine print quality as well.

1080 pixels x 608 pixel

Testimonial videos posted on social media platforms are ideally rendered at a minimum of 1080 × 608 pixels and a maximum of 1080 × 1920 pixels. Both can give viewers an optimal viewing experience.

Testimonial Sizes for Digital – Social Media


A testimonial on Facebook, whether it’s a single quote or a testimonial carousel, has to have dimensions of 1920 × 1005 pixels for maximum quality, following the changes to the layout of the platform. Prior to the layout adjustment, it used to be at an aspect ratio of 16:9 measuring 1920 × 1080 pixels. Any image with a width smaller than 1920 pixels is automatically increased by Facebook to give an ideal appeal to the audience. On another note, a testimonial image that has much more than the height and weight required is automatically cropped otherwise. 



For a video testimonial, Instagram recommends a vertical video to have an aspect ratio of 9:16 and 16:9 for a horizontal. As this is not a movie clip, the video should only be about a minute long but it can run up to 10 minutes with a maximum file size of 650 MB depending on the size of the account. When it comes to a customer quote in-text graphics with a hero shot, the ideal dimensions of a landscape image are 1080 × 566 pixels with an aspect ratio of 1.91:1 and 1080 × 1350 pixels for its horizontal counterpart with a 4:5 aspect ratio.  



The best size for a Twitter image feed has an aspect ratio of 16:9 which is about 1200 × 675 pixels, and this goes the same with a customer testimonial. The acceptable file size is no more than 5 MB but in case you’re linking this from your website, you can scale it up to 15 MB. Keep note, though, that for you to get an optimal result, it should be 3 MB, at most. However, if you’re more interested in tweeting via a video, your testimonial video must have an MP4 or MOV file format with less than 30 MB file size. 


Google Ads

Displaying your campaigns on Google Ads requires you to scale your testimonial slide at 300 × 250 pixels for a medium rectangular orientation which is the most popular ad size that can perfectly work anywhere, even on mobile. Otherwise, you can have it in an inline rectangle with dimensions akin to the previously mentioned or in a large rectangle at 336 × 280 pixels.  


Testimonial Sizes for Print

To get an optimal image resolution, set the client testimonial image to 300 pixels per inch (PPI). However, keep in mind that the viewing distance matters a lot, so for a five-meter viewing distance, you can go higher than 17.5 PPI. If you are using a popular paper size such as A4, put it in a panoramic orientation and have it at a 16:9 aspect ratio. 


Testimonial Sizes for Email

The basic requirement for any campaign sent via email should have a width of 600 pixels as anything more than that may not display any background color, especially in Gmail. By default, the height can go as high as 1500 pixels, but this can be a bad idea for testimonial advertising as most ads are presented in a testimonial slider, which is normally in a rectangular or landscape orientation. You can share a link to your testimonial page on your testimonial request letter so your client will have an idea how it will look like later.


Testimonial Sizes for Business

Testimonials are the strongest foundation in building your business and having a testimonial slider on your website is a huge plus for your marketing initiative as it can function as a key player that drives a potential change in buying behavior. Before you begin to design, though, remember to keep the image professional with no distracting icon and set it to 1280 × 600 pixels.


Testimonial Sizes for Adobe Illustrator

If you’re coming up with a client testimonial banner, the fixed dimensions are set to 670 × 150 pixels. You can always have the option to extend the size and the background layer will follow suit. Meanwhile, take note that the allowable formats are JPEG, PNG, and GIF. 



Can I Resize the Testimonial Slider?

Add this code into the Custom CSS box found in the “Salient Options” panel – testimonial_slider .image-icon.has-bg {; width: 150px !important; height: 150px !important; to resize a testimonial slider.

How to Change Text Size for Divi Testimonial?

Changing the font size of a Divi testimonial involves the use of a custom CSS code (.single-post p{font-size: 16px; line-height: 22px;}) to make it happen.

Do Testimonials Increase Sales?

Yes, customer testimonials can increase revenue by about 62% while those posted on sales pages can significantly boost conversions by 34% according to one study.

What is a Testimonial Carousel?

A testimonial carousel is a display of different testimonial quotes, mostly about three, and is created using a testimonial slider widget found on WordPress.

What Do They Say in a Testimonial?

In a testimonial, past customers, clients, or employees can describe their benefits, experiences, or level of satisfaction with a particular product, service, or organization.

Are Testimonials Reliable?

Yes, as per a study, around 92% of people read testimonials before purchasing anything or pursuing a service.

What is a Testimonial Quote?

A testimonial quote is an official statement of an actual witness to the quality of the product, serving as a valid response to the product being promoted.

Are Testimonials Always Good?

Yes, testimonials are honest endorsements of a product or a service.

Is Testimonial Advertising Effective?

Yes, testimonial ads are categoric game changers that boost the overall business performance.

What is a Testimonial Propaganda?

Testimonial propaganda is a technique used to associate someone with a real experience to endorse a product or a service with their stamp of approval in hopes to encourage the intended audience to heed their words and follow their example.