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Table of Contents

  1. Epiphany Day Definition & Meaning
  2. When is Epiphany Day?
  3. Epiphany Day History
  4. Epiphany Day Purpose, Importance
  5. What’s In An Epiphany Day?
  6. How to Create an Epiphany Day Social Media Post
  7. Epiphany Day vs Christmas
  8. Epiphany Day Ideas & Examples
  9. FAQs

Epiphany Day

Epiphany Day is a holiday observed by Christians all over the world especially since its origins hold a lot of significance to the faith. Learn more about this holiday and why it is called that way.

Epiphany Day Definition & Meaning

Epiphany Day is a feast day celebrated by Christians to commemorate the visit of the Magi or the Three Kings to the baby Jesus, bearing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, while Eastern Christians also commemorate the Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan river.

Epiphany Day is often known by other names such as Three Kings Day. It is usually celebrated by attending church service where the mass focuses on the visitation of the three Magi and what that symbolizes during the birth of the child Jesus.

When is Epiphany Day?

Epiphany Day is observed every 6th of January on the Gregorian Calendar. However, on the Julian Calendar, Epiphany Day takes place on January 19. Epiphany Day tends to be celebrated on the Sunday after January 1, a week after Christmas, which is when Jesus is born. This correlates to the common belief that the Magi or Three Kings traveled from a faraway land to Bethlehem to present their gifts to the child Jesus. Eastern Christians also commemorate the Baptism of Jesus Christ in the Jordan river by his cousin John the Baptist.

Epiphany Day History

The Epiphany is said to have originated between two branches as the Eastern Christians celebrate this occasion as Christ’s Baptism. Whereas Western Christians commemorate this even with the visitation of the Magi or The Three Kings. The Council of Tours in 567 announced that Epiphany is celebrated on the 6th of January.

Epiphany Day Purpose, Importance

Epiphany celebrations tend to take place within the church, although Christians would often have social gatherings on this day as well in observance of this holiday. Epiphany day is also celebrated by having Epiphany singers perform, having Three Kings cake, and attending church services.

Visit of the Magi

Many denominations such as the Anglican, Catholic, and Methodist churches believe that on Epiphany Day, the Three Kings or Magi visit the child Jesus bearing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. These gifts double as symbols of events that Jesus will go through He grows up as an adult.

Baptism of Jesus

Orthodox traditions commemorate the Baptism of Jesus at the Jordan river by John the Baptist. The significance of this event is that according to the Scripture, the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus in the form of a dove which is a revelation that He is the Son of God.

Celebrating the start of Jesus’ Ministry

While Christmas marks Jesus’ arrival in the world, Epiphany Day is considered by many Christians to mark the start of Jesus’ teachings and thus making it a notable moment in Christian history.

Jesus is the Son of God

Epiphany Day is significant because the events detailed on this feast reaffirm the Christian belief that Jesus is the Son of God and that He will fulfill God’s promise of salvation. This idea is central to the Christian faith which is why observing this day is quite important to those who practice this religion.

What’s In An Epiphany Day?

On Epiphany Day a Christian family would celebrate it by going to church services together. Church communities would often gather after prayer and have a small gathering but they are not as big as Christmas gatherings. Some churches would often have a small parade if they wish and a lot of modern churches would often show videos/cartoons that depict the visit of the Three Kings and/or the Baptism of Jesus. It is also common for people to give a greeting to each other after the church services on this day.

How to Create an Epiphany Day Social Media Post

Sharing Social Media posts during holidays and events has become a popular trend and that even extends to religious holidays like this. It is also useful for raising awareness and spreading relevant information for events such as church services. This is why the Church often makes use of Social media to make announcements and updates for upcoming masses. To get started, here are some ways you can create an Epiphany Day Social Media post using Epiphany Day Templates.


1. Search for Epiphany templates on

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The results will show you several template options that all have to do with Epiphany day. Pick the Epiphany Day Facebook post template, and then click on the image to be redirected to the Editor tool so you can edit it.

2. Edit Your Template

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To make your Epiphany Facebook post look unique, you can opt to edit its background, text, and other details. If you want to change the background you can click on the option in the Background panel and choose whatever you like.

3. Add custom text

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If you want to add a custom message to your Epiphany Day Facebook post, then click on the Fill panel on the side of the screen and add your text on the Fill text option.

4. Add your graphics

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To make your Facebook post pop a lot more, you can add graphics to enhance it visually and make it art. Go to the Graphics pane/ and you can add clipart or icons that are relevant to Epiphany Day.

5. Save your Epiphany Day post draft

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When you are finished, click on the three-dotted button on the top of the screen and click on the Save option. Then you can upload your Epiphany Day post on Facebook.


1. Choose your template

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Go to and look for Epiphany templates on the search bar. There you can find our Epiphany Instagram Post template. Once you choose click on the “Edit This Template FREE” button or on the image itself to start editing it.

2. Change the captions

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If you wish to make a custom message on your Epiphany post, you can do so by pressing the Fill panel and changing the text on the boxes.

3. Add graphic designs

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If you want more visuals on your Instagram post, just press on the Graphics panel and search for Epiphany Day-related graphics for your template.

4. Add images

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You can also add images through the Graphic panel and add fun photos to your Epiphany day post.

5. Save your Epiphany Day Instagram post

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After you’re done, press the three-dotted button at the top of the screen and click Save. You can now upload your post onto Instagram and promote Epiphany day!

Epiphany Day vs Christmas

Epiphany Day is the celebration of the Three Kings/Magi visiting the infant Jesus days after His birth and is commemorated around a week or so after Christmas.

Christmas Day is a festival that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ and is celebrated on the 25th of December.

Epiphany Day Ideas & Examples

If you want to create some visually stunning Epiphany Day materials, then we have several templates that you can check out for inspiration. You are free to download them or use them as references for your own Epiphany Day posters, cards, Social Media posts, etc.

Three Kings Day Celebration Flyer Ideas and Examples

Make use of this Three Kings Day Celebration Flyer to invite everyone to join and commemorate this sacred event.

three kings day celebration flyer template 788x1020

Epiphany Party Whatsapp Post Ideas and Examples

Invite family and friends to a little get-together during Epiphany with this Epiphany Party Whatsapp Post.

epiphany party whatsapp post template 788x1410

Epiphany Service Flyer Ideas and Examples

If you are holding a special event during this occasion then make use of this Epiphany Service Flyer which can be printed or digitally distributed via email or social media.

epiphany service flyer template 788x1020

Epiphany Party Flyer Ideas and Examples

Advertise a party with this Epiphany Party Flyer to encourage guests to join the festivities.

epiphany party flyer template 788x1020

Epiphany Invitation Flyer Ideas and Examples

This well-designed Epiphany Invitation Flyer would make a great invitation card for family, friends, and other guests who want to participate in the festivities.

epiphany invitation flyer template 788x1020

Epiphany Party Youtube Banner Ideas and Examples

Show your support by updating Youtube with this Epiphany Party Youtube Banner and at the same time, this would encourage people to join the event.

epiphany party youtube banner template 788x

Three Kings Day Event Snapchat Geofilter Ideas and Examples

Update your Snapchat Geofilter with this well-crafted Three Kings Day Event Snapchat Geofilter just in time for the occasion.

three kings day event snapchat geofilter template 788x1410

Epiphany Day Quote Linkedin Post Ideas and Examples

This Epiphany Day Quote Linkedin Post will make a great post as you show your support for Epiphany Day through Linkedin.

epiphany day quote linkedin post template 788x

Epiphany Invitation Facebook Post Ideas and Examples

Invited everyone to an Epiphany event with this Epiphany Invitation Facebook Post that will attract a lot of attention.

epiphany invitation facebook post template 788x

Epiphany Service Youtube Banner Ideas and Examples

Advertise a special service on Epiphany with this Epiphany Service Youtube Banner.

epiphany service youtube banner template 788x


What do we celebrate at Epiphany?

On Epiphany day, we celebrate the Three Kings/Magi by visiting the baby Jesus ad presenting him gifts that are symbols of His future.

What do you do on Epiphany day?

On Epiphany day some of the various things you can do are attend church services, eat Three Kings Cake, celebrate with friends, and commemorate an important moment in Christian history.

What does the Epiphany represent?

Epiphany represents, according to the Bible and Christian teachings, the revelation that Jesus is the Son of God.

What two things do Christians celebrate at Epiphany?

Two notable things that Christians celebrate in Epiphany are the visitation of the Three Kings and the Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan river.

Why is the Epiphany on January 6?

Epiphany is on January 6 because it is believed that it took around 12 days after Christmas for the Three Kings to travel to Bethlehem and present their gifts to the baby Jesus.

What are the symbols of Epiphany?

The symbols of Epiphany are usually associated with the Three Kings that visited Jesus, the symbols are often depicted as three crowns often accompanied by a five-pointed star.

What is the message of the Epiphany?

The message of Epiphany overall is that Jesus is the Son of God and that just like how God has a plan for His son, He too has a plan for each and every one.

What does the Epiphany symbolize?

The Epiphany symbolizes the manifestation of Jesus as both a man and God.

What are the main features of Epiphany Day?

Some of the main features of Epiphany Day include gift giving, house blessings, and Three Kings cake.

Why is Epiphany Day 12 days after Christmas?

Epiphany Day takes place 12 days after Christmas because it is believed to have been the number of days taken by the Three Kings/Magi to travel all the way to Bethlehem.

How long does Epiphany Day last?

Epiphany Day by itself last only a full day but it is often a part of the Twelve Days of Christmas where Christians celebrate the days starting from Christmas Day leading up to Epiphany Day.

What are the colors of the Epiphany?

Like most Christian holidays, the color associated with Epiphany Day is white.

Does the Christmas season end with Epiphany?

Yes, it is, Epiphany Day is considered by tradition to be the official end of the Christmas season.

What are the themes of Epiphany Day?

The themes of Epiphany Day include gifts, cake, stars, and the color white.

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