Grandparents’ Day

Grandparents’ Day is one of the holidays that celebrates family members. As its name implies, the celebrants of this yearly occasion are our dear grandparents. grandparents-day

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Grandparents’ Day Definition & Meaning

Grandparents’ Day is a secular holiday celebrated every year in appreciation of the bonds between grandchildren and grandparents.

Grandparents’ Day, also known as National Grandparents’ Day, is an annual celebration observed in the US and in some countries honoring grandparents and their significant role in a family.

When is Grandparents’ Day?

In 2022, Grandparents’ Day falls on September 11, the same day as Patriot Day. The date of Grandparents Day changes every year because it’s celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day.

Grandparents’ Day History

Grandparents’ Day was first celebrated in West Virginia in the year 1973. A year later, the US Congress approved the legislation establishing Grandparents’ Day as a yearly celebration. Since then, Grandparents’ Day has been celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day every year.

Grandparents’ Day Purpose, Importance

Grandparents’ Day may not be as well-known as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day but it’s just as significant. Grandfathers and grandmothers deserve to be celebrated as much as we celebrate the moms and dads in the world.

Honor Grandparents

The parents of our parents are the foundation of our respective families. Without the marriage of our grandparents back in their time, our parents wouldn’t have existed, and we wouldn’t have been born. To sum it up, grandparents helped shape the modern generation—a legacy that we should all honor.

Celebrate the Connection Between Children and Grandparents

The bond between children and grandparents is undeniably special. Grandparents’ Day is a perfect opportunity for children to spend time with their grandparents and shower them with love. Grandpas and grandmas are always happy to see their grandchildren. At their age, bonding with their children’s children is what they live for.

Remind Young Generations of the Wisdom of Grandparents

Grandparents and other elderly people have a long experience in life. They’ve been through a lot during the prime of their generation and they’ve learned life lessons along the way—lessons that they’re happy to share with younger generations. Kids, teenagers, and young adults need to be reminded of their grandparents’ wisdom. They need to know that their grandparents’ guidance and teachings can steer them towards a better path for a better future.

What’s on Grandparents’ Day?

On Grandparents’ Day, various activities and gatherings occur to celebrate grandfathers and grandmothers. Children will be visiting their grandparents’ house, students in some schools will be creating Grandparents’ Day greeting cards, families will take grandpas and grandmas out for dinner, and many other simple celebrations. In general, families will be spending quality time with grandparents.

How to Create a Grandparents’ Day Social Media Post

All of us should do our part in reminding people of Grandparents’ Day. With social media at our disposal, we can fulfill that duty easily.


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Grandparents’ Day vs. Father’s Day

Grandparents’ Day is a secular type of holiday celebrated to honor and appreciate all grandparents in society.

Father’s Day is a yearly occasion celebrated on the third Sunday of June to honor fathers, grandfathers, and father figures.

Grandparents’ Day Ideas & Examples

It’s best to plan your Grandparents’ Day celebration ahead of time. That way, when Grandparents’ Day is mere days away, you can just take in the excitement and not worry about how to spend it with your family.

Grandparents’ Day Ideas

Here are some fun activities to spend Grandparents’ Day:

  • Buy a gift as a way of appreciating your grandpa and grandma’s love.
  • Craft Grandparents’ Day art such as posters, banners, and bookmarks.
  • Write a sweet poem for your grandparents.
  • Buy coloring books and color the illustrations with your grandpa and grandma for fun.
  • Start a family tree project with your parents and siblings. Present the finished product to your grandparents on Grandparents’ Day.
  • Sit down with your grandparents and learn what you can about history from them. They can talk to you about the ways of life back in their time.
  • If your grandparents are religious, join them in their religious routines such as praying and going to a Christian church on a Sunday.
  • Help your grandparents hang some decorations in their house.
  • Visit your grandparents’ house. Make the trip on the way there a fun family road trip.
  • Interview your grandparents about how they met for the first time.
  • Go on a picnic with your grandparents.
  • Take your grandparents out for dinner and take advantage of senior citizen discounts.

Grandparents’ Day Examples

Here are some of our best Grandparents’ Day templates and examples. Use them as inspiration to create your Grandparents’ Day art and social media posts.

1. Grandparents’ Day Invitation Flyer


2. Grandparents’ Day Quote Flyer


3. Happy Grandparents’ Day Flyer


4. Grandparents’ Day Invitation Facebook Post


5. Grandparents’ Day Quote Facebook Post


6. Happy Grandparents’ Day Instagram Story


7. Grandparents’ Day Invitation Instagram Story


8. Grandparents’ Day Quote LinkedIn Post


9. Happy Grandparents’ Day Snapchat Geofilter


10. Grandparents’ Day Quote Snapchat Geofilter



Why do we celebrate Grandparents’ Day?

We celebrate Grandparents’ Day to honor the love, legacy, and wisdom of our grandparents.

Who created Grandparents’ Day?

The creator of Grandparents’ Day is Marian McQuade who proposed in 1970 that there should be a designated day dedicated to celebrating grandparents.

What happens on Grandparents’ Day?

On Grandparents’ Day, grandpas and grandmas will receive gifts, hear sweet messages, and spend quality time with their children and grandchildren.

Why do children look forward to Grandparents’ Day?

Children look forward to Grandparents’ Day because it’s a perfect opportunity to show love to their grandparents by visiting them, giving them gifts, and saying sweet greetings to them.

What do you do for Grandparents’ Day?

The best you can do on Grandparents’ Day is to spend time with your grandparents; that alone is enough to make them happy on this special occasion.

Why are grandparents important in our life?

Grandparents are important in our life because of their wisdom and guidance nurtured by their lifetime of experience.

When did Grandparents’ Day become a thing?

Grandparents’ Day became official in 1978 when the US Congress approved the legislation declaring the first Sunday after Labor Day as Grandparents’ Day or National Grandparents’ Day.

What are the traditions of Grandparents’ Day?

Traditions of Grandparents’ Day vary on each family; some families simply visit the house of their grandparents, go on picnics, go out for dinner, and do other family activities.

How do you celebrate Grandparents’ Day virtually?

You can celebrate Grandparents’ Day through a live video chat with your grandparents; if they’re not familiar with how to set it up, call them to teach them how.

When did Grandparents’ Day become an official holiday?

Grandparents’ Day became an official holiday in the year 1978.

What is the origin of Grandparents’ Day?

Grandparents’ Day was proposed by Marian McQuade in 1970, was first proclaimed as an official celebration exclusively in West Virginia, and became an official holiday in 1978 when it was approved by the US Congress.

What are some facts about Grandparents’ Day?

Here are some facts to know about Grandparents’ Day: It has an official song called “A Song for Grandma and Grandpa,” this holiday is over 40 years old, and it’s always celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day.

What is the flower for Grandparents’ Day?

The officially recognized flower for Grandparents’ Day is the forget-me-not flower.

What does Grandparents’ Day mean to children?

For children, Grandparents’ Day is a day to show their appreciation to their grandparents and spend time with them.

What do you say on Grandparents’ Day?

You can say any heartfelt message or greeting of love to your grandparents on Grandparents’ Day; one simple example is saying “Happy Grandparents’ Day.”