National Aviation Day

National Aviation Day is one of the grandest celebrations in the United States. Americans anticipate this holiday every year, especially those who are fascinated by flight machinery and its history throughout the decades. national-aviation-day

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National Aviation Day Definition & Meaning

National Aviation Day is a national observation in the United States that celebrates the science and craft of aviation.

National Aviation Day is a United States holiday honoring the pioneers of aviation, especially the Wright brothers, and every professional working in the aviation industry.

When Is National Aviation Day?

National Aviation Day is celebrated annually on August 19. In 2022, it falls on a Friday. National Aviation Day was established by former US president Franklin Roosevelt who specifically chose August 19. The reason why he chose that date is to honor Orville Wright, one of the two Wright brothers who invented the airplane and whose birth date is August 19, 1871.

National Aviation Day History

National Aviation Day was proclaimed by Franklin Roosevelt in 1939. Since then, every August 19 has been celebrated quite festively by aviation enthusiasts to honor the Wright Brothers and the other pioneers of aviation over the decades. To this day, National Aviation Day is a highly anticipated holiday by lovers of planes and other aerial vehicles. The history of aviation and the concept of flight spans way beyond the time of the Wright Brothers and modern aviation geniuses.

National Aviation Day Purpose and Importance

National Aviation Day may not be as significant as the 4th of July and Flag Day, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an important holiday, which is why we should discover the reasons why National Aviation Day is such as big deal and why it’s worth celebrating.

Honor the Pioneers of the Concept of Flight

When talking about the pioneers of flight, what usually comes into mind is Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright, famously known as the Wright brothers and the inventors of the airplane. They’re indeed pioneers of flight, but when we talk about the very first concept of flight, there are many pioneers to give credit to. For one, Leonardo da Vinci developed solid ideas about flying using machinery. There are also the Montgolfier brothers who invented the hot air balloon in 1783 and George Cayley whose usage of aerodynamics for fixed-wing aircraft designs inspired the Wright brothers. And lastly, people in China’s ancient history can also be credited as pioneers for their practice of flying kites to monitor weather conditions. All the geniuses who contributed to perfecting aviation are honored on National Aviation Day through ceremonies and tributes. Without them, the aviation industry wouldn’t have existed.

Celebrate Aviation Development

Aviation is an engineering marvel and is one of the most important achievements in human history. Its development was an uphill battle plagued with uncertainties, technical issues, and life-threatening risks. But thanks to the brilliant minds of experts like the Wright brothers, aviation became a success. And to this day, innovations and new ideas are spurning to further improve the aviation industry and revolutionize air transport. On National Aviation Day, we celebrate the development of aviation. It took humans thousands of years to perfect the concept of flight and now it’s part of how the global society runs its course—truly an achievement.

Commemorate the Milestones of Aviation

The field of aviation has achieved plenty of milestones throughout its history. Those milestones helped shape the modern world and are also among humanity’s greatest achievements. Among those milestones are the Wright brothers’ First Flight in 1903, the first passenger airline service in 194, the first nonstop transatlantic flight in 1919, the first round-the-world flight in 1942, the first helicopter flight in 1936, the first flight to space by Yuri Gagarin in 1961 aboard the Vostok 1, and so much more.

Celebrate the People Working in the Aviation Industry

People working in the aviation industry are celebrated on National Aviation Day. Those people are aircraft pilots, armed military jet pilots, airplane flight attendants, aircraft traffic control personnel, airport staff, aerospace professionals, aviation engineers, and aviation scientists. It’s important to honor people working in aviation. They work tirelessly and have shed blood, sweat, and tears to ensure you have a good experience at the airport and a safe local or international plane ride.

Inspire the Young to Pursue Aviation

On National Aviation Day, various events occur such as parades and airshows that could inspire kids to pursue aviation. By nature, kids are fascinated by flying and many of them love toy airplanes. That said, National Aviation Day could be a great opportunity to fan the flames and inspire them to become pilots or aviation experts one day. These kids could be the future of the aviation industry and will someday bring the field to new heights.

What’s in a National Aviation Day?

On National Aviation Day, there are air shows, parades, and ceremonies. Ordinary citizens will be celebrating this holiday in their own ways, too. Some will visit aviation museums, host paper plane flying contests, and do other engaging activities in honor of Aviation Day.

How to Create a National Aviation Day Social Media Post

If you want to take part in National Aviation Day celebrations, you can do so by creating and sharing social media posts about them. With that in mind, we’ll show you how to create a National Aviation Day social media post.


1. Launch the Facebook app on your desktop web browser or mobile device.

2. Select the “What’s on your mind?” box to open the Create Post pane.

3. Click the Add Photo/Video icon to upload photos celebrating National Aviation Day. It could simply be photos of aircraft.

4. Write a caption about your National Aviation Day photo. For the caption, you can write a National Aviation Day greeting, message, quote, facts, or short essay. Make the caption sound engaging to hook your Facebook audience to view the post closely.

5. Once you’re done uploading a photo and writing a caption, you can publish your post. Simply click or tap the Post button in the Create Post pane. Double-check the post by viewing it. Make some revisions to the caption if necessary.


1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile device.

2. Tap the “+” icon located on the upper part of your screen.

3. Select a National Aviation Day photo from your phone gallery and upload it to your Instagram.

4. Beautify the photo so it looks Instagrammable. You can crop it and apply a filter to it.

5. Type your National Aviation Day message or greeting as the post’s caption. Use hashtags to optimize your post’s potential viewership.

6. Tap Share to publish your Instagram post and share it with your Instagram friends and followers.


1. Open Twitter on your desktop web browser or smartphone.

2. Click or tap the Compose button.

3. Write your National Aviation Day tweet. It could be a simple greeting of “Happy National Aviation Day” or a short message raising awareness about this holiday. Make sure that the tweet is engaging and easy to read. Use hashtags for post optimization.

4. Upload National Aviation Day photos from your computer file folders or phone gallery.

5. Select the groups of people who can reply to your Tweet.

6. Click or tap Tweet to share your Twitter post. Once posted, view your tweet to double-check for unseen errors.


1. Launch the Whatsapp app.

2. Go to the Status tab.

3. Tap the Camera icon.

4. Upload a National Aviation Day image from your photo gallery or file folders.

5. Insert stickers if you want and arrange them well in the post like making a collage.

6. Write a text over the image saying your National Aviation Day greetings, quotes, slogans, or wishes.

7. Tap the Arrow icon to publish your National Aviation Day Whatsapp post.

National Aviation Day vs. Columbus Day

National Aviation Day is an annual US holiday in celebration of the aviation industry and its pioneers and professionals.

Columbus Day is a federal US holiday and a national holiday in some countries in the Americas commemorating the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas on the 12th of October in 1942.

National Aviation Day Ideas & Examples

Anyone can celebrate National Aviation Day, especially if one has a passion for aircraft vessels. Plan your National Aviation Day celebration ahead with help from these ideas and examples.

National Aviation Day Ideas

These are some of the fun activities you can put on your National Aviation Day to-do list:

  • Read books and articles about aviation pioneers such as the Wright brothers.
  • Play a plane-spotting game with your friend at a nearby airport.
  • Create DIY kites and fly them during the daytime.
  • Visit the nearest aviation museums.
  • Teach your kids how to fold paper planes.
  • Create paper planes DIY style and host a paper plane flying contest in your backyard.
  • For your next traveling adventure, book a plane ticket from the best airline services, and try first-class if you can afford it.
  • Create handmade National Aviation Day greeting cards and send them to your aviation friends.
  • Browse through free aviation lessons and courses online to learn more about planes and aviation machinery.
  • Buy an airplane lego set and assemble it with a friend or with your kids.
  • Share National Aviation Day social media posts and use the hashtag #NationalAviationDay.
  • Build a miniature airplane model using recycled materials to help save the environment.
  • Attend an air show or watch it live online or on TV.
  • Watch Top Gun, Top Gun: Maverick, and other movies with aviation action with your buddies.
  • Watch documentaries about aviation and famous planes.
  • Purchase a bunch of rocket javelin toys and host a rocket javelin-throwing contest in your front yard or backyard.
  • Play flight simulator games with your friends using a gaming PC or gaming console.

National Aviation Day Examples

Listed below are our elegant National Aviation Day examples. We invite you to check them out and have a close-up look. You can also download them!

1. National Aviation Day Brochure


2. National Aviation Day Airshow Poster


3. Simple National Aviation Day Poster


4. National Aviation Day Factsheet


5. National Aviation Day Worksheet


6. National Aviation Day Poster


7. National Aviation Day Banner


8. National Aviation Day Flyer


9. National Aviation Day Social Media Post



Why is National Aviation Day celebrated?

National Aviation Day is celebrated to appreciate the aviation industry and to honor aviation pioneers and professionals.

What is the theme of National Aviation Day?

National Aviation Day doesn’t have an official theme, but the message is clear it’s all about celebrating the science and craft of aviation.

What happens on National Aviation Day?

On National Aviation Day, there’ll be grand air shows, parades, special events in aviation museums, and ceremonies; also, the US flag will be displayed on all government buildings as it’s a requirement on National Aviation Day.

What is the remarkable day of aviation history?

The most remarkable day in the history of aviation is considered to be the First Flight of the Wright brothers.

Why is aviation important in the 21st century?

Aviation is very important in the 21st century because millions of people travel yearly and air transport is the most efficient and fastest way to travel internationally.

How does aviation contribute to society?

Aviation plays an important role in society because it has been a bridge for people to travel, and when people travel, the economy flows, businesses flourish, tourism gets a much-needed boost, foreign exchange remains consistent, and many more benefits.

What is the first rule of aviation?

The first and number one rule in aviation is to “Fly the Aircraft.”

When was aviation invented?

The invention of aviation was perfected by the Wright brothers in 1903; however, the earliest concepts of aviation can be traced back to Leonardo da Vinci’s time.

How has technology changed the aviation industry?

Technology made the aviation industry more efficient and safer, especially with the help of electronic devices that made everything easier to calculate, control, and monitor.

What are general aviation activities?

Some of the general aviation activities are aircraft services and military air operations.

Who’s birthday is it on National Aviation Day?

National Aviation Day is celebrated annually on August 19 which is also the birthday of one of the two Wright brothers, Orville Wright.