World Photography Day

World Photography Day is a highly anticipated celebration for photography lovers and professionals around the world. It is considered a grand event among photographers and photo enthusiasts and many organizations and creative groups plan this every year. world-photography-day

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World Photography Day Definition & Meaning

World Photography Day is an annual event celebrating the science, craft, and art of photography and its significance throughout multiple platforms.

World Photography Day is a celebration of the importance and contributions of the art of photography and a day that honors the works of photographers.

When Is World Photography Day?

World Photography Day happens on the same date every August 19th of the year. This date was selected because it was on August 19, 1839, that the government of France bought the patent of the daguerreotype process (the very first photography process) and released it worldwide for free so everyone can use it.

World Photography Day History

World Photography Day started in 1839. Over the years, this holiday has been celebrated by photographers and photography enthusiasts to honor their craft. Countless events have been organized for World Photography Day, especially the likes of photography contests and exhibitions. Nowadays, World Photography Day remains an important celebration in the field of photography.

World Photography Day Purpose, Importance

World Photography Day is a significant event for everything and any field of expertise involving photography, and here are some notable reasons why World Photography Day is important.

Pay Tribute to Photography’s Contributions

The art of photography has contributed a lot to the world. Without photography, we would never have captured historic moments through the lens of a camera and shared them with others and future generations. This is very true, especially in the field of journalism. Even the little things such as taking a picture of your loved ones are a privilege that we owe to photography. So on World Photography Day, we pay tribute to its contributions in preserving history.

Commemorate the French Government’s Purchase of the Daguerreotype Process

On August 19, 1839, the French Government purchased the patent of the Daguerreotype process and shared it with the world. They shared it as a free gift to the world so everyone can take photographs and capture moments. That day was important to the history of photography because it empowered people to learn the craft. If that event didn’t occur, photography wouldn’t have been as prominent as it is today.

Encourage Individuals to Pursue Photography

Photography is a beautiful craft that anyone can try doing with simple camera equipment. So on World Photography Day, photography enthusiasts and organizations encourage individuals to pursue photography as a career or a simple hobby. They do so by sharing photography tips and techniques, sharing social media posts promoting photography, hosting photography project competitions, and more.

What’s in a World Photography Day?

On World Photography Day, plenty of events take place in celebration of the field of photography. Creative companies, photography studios, and other organizations host photography conventions, photography contests, and photography workshops. And on social media and blog posts, some photography hobbyists and professionals will be sharing their photography portfolios containing their best work.

How to Create a World Photography Day Social Media Post

You can celebrate World Photography Day in your own simple way through social media. To help you get started, we’ll walk you through our basic process of creating a World Photography Day social media post with these World Photography Day Templates.


1. Use our World Photography Day Facebook Post template.


To start, select our World Photography Day Facebook post template. Its design is made for Facebook and will definitely look splendid on your Facebook timeline. Click the “Edit This Template Free” button to start customizing it using our Editor tool. It has everything you need to craft a stunning Facebook post.

2. Input the details of your photography event.


To add the details of your photography event or party, open the Fill tab of our Editor tool. Write the name of your organization in the first box under Fill Text, the title of the event in the second box, and other important info in the succeeding boxes. The things you write in the Fill Text boxes will immediately appear on the template.

3. Add artistic graphics.


You can add full HD clipart to the post template if you want. To add them, open the Graphics tab, choose any clipart available or search on the search box, and click and drag your selected clipart to the post template. Once added, you can also resize your clipart so it fits perfectly with the other visual elements in the post.

4. Insert your brand logo.


It’s important to have the brand logo in the post to make it more credible. So to insert your brand logo, simply open the Logo panel and select the Upload Your File button. Select an image file of your logo from your computer or device and attach it to the post template.

5. Save your finished World Photography Day Facebook post draft.


When you’re finished, make sure to save your World Photography Day Facebook post draft. And on August 19 or days before that, you can upload it to Facebook and share it with your friends and followers.


1. Use our World Photography Day Instagram Post template.


Make use of our Instagrammable World Photography Day Instagram post template. Click the “Edit This Template FREE” button to start customizing it. Doing so will grant you access to our user-friendly Editor tool.

2. Write your World Photography Day message.


Your World Photography Day message, greeting, and wishes are special elements of your Instagram post. They convey that you and your team highly regard the event. To write your message, go to the Fill panel and customize the content of the second box under Fill Text. In the first Fill Text box, write your photography studio or company name, and in the third and fourth boxes, write additional info about your organization.

3. Upload stunning photographs.


Instagram is a platform filled with stunning photographs. That said, you should strongly consider adding some to your Instagram post template. Select the Uploads panel of the Editor tool, select Photo, and click the Upload Your File button. Browse through your file folders and select the image file you want to be attached. Once uploaded, drag it to the template and resize it. You can also use it as a background.

4. Upload your logo.


You should also add your organization logo to brand your Instagram post. To do that, open the Logo panel of the Editor tool and select the Upload Your File button. Like in adding photographs, you simply need to upload an image file of your logo and attach it to the post template. It would be best to position your logo on the upper left side of the post.

5. Save your completed World Photography Day Instagram post.


Once you’re done adding and uploading visuals and making final adjustments, you should save your completed World Photography Day Instagram post. Select the Save icon which you can find by clicking the button with a three-dotted icon on the upper right side of the Editor tool page. Your post draft is good for uploading. But keep it for now and wait until the date of World Photography Day.

World Photography Day vs. Columbus Day

World Photography Day is observed on August 19 every year and is celebrated in appreciation of the art, craft, science, and history of photography.

Columbus Day is a national holiday and US federal holiday commemorating Christopher Columbus’s historic arrival in the New World and the Americas on October 12, 1492.

World Photography Day Ideas & Examples

Anyone with a passion or interest in photography is welcome to celebrate World Photography Day. Take a look at some of our excellent World Photography Day examples below and use their designs as references or download them if you want.

World Photography Day Poster Ideas and Examples

Promote photography and let everyone learn more about this occasion with this World Photography Day Poster which could be also used to announce any events as well.


World Photograph Day Leaflet Ideas and Examples

Leaflets are one of the widely used marketing tools which can be a source of information as well, so for World Photography Day, let everyone know of an upcoming event with this World Photography Day Leaflet which can include a handful of important details as well.


World Photography Day Brochure Ideas and Examples

Advertise an upcoming event for World Photography day by designing a World Photography Day Brochure that can be distributed digitally or personally.


World Photography Day Flyer Design Ideas and Examples

Various activities can be organized to commemorate World Photography Day so to start inviting interested parties, make use of this World Photography Day Flyer Design.


World Photography Day Banner Ideas and Examples

This World Photography Day Banner would make a great banner design that can be used on Facebook, YouTube, and other social media accounts to commemorate World Photography Day.


World Photography Day Facebook Post Ideas and Examples

Commemorate this event by showing your support with this World Photography Day Facebook Post that is perfectly designed to tell everyone on Facebook about World Photography Day.


World Photography Day Instagram Post Ideas and Examples

Instagram is a great avenue to show your interest and support for World Photography Day, then make use of this World Photography Day Instagram Post to also help the public learn more about this event.


World Photography Day Quote Ideas and Examples

For those who are in the photography business, this World Photography Day Quote will help you prepare a quotation for customers.



Why do we celebrate World Photography Day?

We celebrate World Photography Day to appreciate the art of photography and honor the day that the French government shared the Daguerreotype process with the world.

What is the theme for World Photography Day?

The theme of World Photography Day 2022 is “Pandemic lockdown through the lens.”

Who started World Photography Day first?

World Photography Day was started by the Indian International Photographic Council in 1991 led by renowned Indian photographer O.P. Sharma.

Why was the Daguerreotype camera important?

The Daguerreotype camera was important because it was one of the first types of cameras in history and was instrumental in documenting historical moments from the 1800s onwards.

What is the specialty of World Photography Day?

The specialty of World Photography Day is that it encourages people to pursue photography and empowers hobbyists and professionals to share their work.

When was the first online World Photography Day celebrated?

The first online World Photography Day was celebrated on August 19and0, which was participated by people from more than 100 countries.

What happens on World Photography Day?

On World Photography Day, there’ll be photography contests, photography conventions, photography award ceremonies, photography workshops, and other photography events.

What is the goal of World Photography Day?

The main goals of World Photography Day are to celebrate the field of photography and encourage people to start practicing the craft.

What are the signs and symbols of photography?

In photography, signs are forms of reality pieces while symbols are seen as the expressive method of communication in photographs.

What is the true origin of World Photography Day?

The inspiration and origin behind World Photography Day are when the French government bought the patent for the Daguerreotype process on August 19, 1839; that’s why World Photography Day is celebrated yearly on August 19.

What do you do on World Photography Day?

There are no strict traditions on what to do on World Photography Day and you can celebrate it by taking pictures of your surroundings, learning the basics of photography, or visiting photography galleries.

What is the slogan of World Photography Day?

The slogan of World Photography Day 2022 is “Pandemic lockdown through the lens.”