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  • Free Editable Event Templates

    With's Free Editable Event Templates, you can easily send business templates to people you care about for any type of business agenda, including construction, small businesses, hotels, restaurants, and more. Cards, coupons, magazines, look books, coupons, gantt charts, media platforms, contracts, brochures, booklets, posters, and pamphlets are examples of designs that can be modified, altered, and created. All of them include designs that can be edited, altered, modified, or tweaked to meet specific needs. All are free to download and print on a range of printers.

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    Our Free Editable Event Templates can help you do business with clients, customers, and work colleagues by giving you designs with the right tones for business events and functions. You can pick from blank, formal, simple, elegant, modern, basic, creative, elegant, vintage, black and white, or chalkboard designs. We have templates for company brochures, flyers for hotel chains, engagement party invitation cards, and posters for tech startups. You can add your own design elements or pick from tens of thousands that we have already made. To change a template, choose a blank design and use our editor to change, mix, and drag-and-drop stock images, illustrations, setups, backgrounds, and fonts. Include details, thoughts, and statements, and change things like styles, text, borders, etc. You can customize and email a PDF in minutes.

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    Our Free Editable Event Templates are available in multiple file formats. Download your template in these formats:

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  • What is Event Planning and Management?

      Event planning refers to the process of arranging all the tasks of the event in a systematic and chronological order to arrive at the desired result. Event management is the process of supervising that all the planned tasks are performed in the decided order. 

  • What is the Purpose of Event Planning?

      • To get a clear goal and objective. 
      • To take specific actions to gain a specific result. 
      • To follow a systematic work order. 
      • To get perfection in the final output. 
      • To do event marketing and promotion effectively. 
      • To position marketing messages in the minds of the public effectively. 
  • What are the Important Event Planner Skills?

      • Dedicated to client service and support.
      • Organizational skills. 
      • Networking savvy and communication expert.
      • Resilience and Adaptability. 
      • Good understanding of the event principles. 
      • Creative and innovative. 
      • Unbridled Creativity. 
  • What are the Five C's of Event Management?

      • Conceptualization: Giving shape to the event ideas and themes. 
      • Costing: Cost of production and profit margin estimate. 
      • Canvassing: Networking to get sponsors and audience.
      • Customization: Serving audience content based on their needs and marketing objectives. 
      • Carrying-out: Executing the event as planned. 
  • What is the difference between the Event Manager and Event Planner?

      • The fundamental difference is that the planner is responsible for arranging tasks in order and the manager is responsible to operate them appropriately to achieve the event goal. 
      • The manager runs the event on the scheduled day and the planner performs his or her duty before the event day.