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8+ Best Restaurant Logo Templates

Almost always, people are drawn towards food that looks sumptuous and mouthwatering. In a similar manner, people are drawn to restaurants that seem like they can provide customers with the world’s best dishes. Since restaurants, like other businesses, are represented by a logo, you might as well check out some of the best restaurant logo templates below.

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Step 1: Familiarize the types of logos

There are five common types of logos that you should be familiar, some are entirely typographic while others are purely graphical. These types of logos include the wordmark, lettermark, brandmark, combination, and the emblem type. Whichever type you’re going with, be sure that it’s capable of representing the restaurant’s identity.

Step 2: Gather ideas for your own logo design

Once you know how to distinguish each type of logo with the others, you can now start working on the design. If you want, you can make a sketch of the logo’s initial design or you can simply write down notes. Either way, you’re allowed to refer to logo designs of successful companies to gather inspiration.

Step 3: Download a restaurant logo template

After deciding on a type of logo and making the initial design, you can now start downloading a logo template from any of the ones below. There are over ten logo templates in this article that you can choose from. Again, be sure to choose a logo template that can best represent the image of your restaurant.

Step 4: Edit the downloaded template

Before you can actually start using the logo that you’ve just downloaded, it is necessary to edit it first. Using an editing tool that’s fully compatible with the template’s file format will allow you to make the changes effortlessly. One specific example is logo templates in PSD should be edited using Adobe Photoshop.

Step 5: Evaluate the finished product

Even if you’re done editing the template, you will need to have it evaluated to determine whether or not it’s able to capture the essence of the restaurant. If it is, then you can go ahead and start using it. Otherwise, you may have to make some changes to the design and then re-evaluate it.

10+ Best Restaurant Logo Templates

1. Line Symbol Restaurant Logo Design

Just because the sample image mentions beef, it doesn’t mean that this template is exclusive for restaurants that serve beef-based dishes. Regardless of the dishes being served in your restaurant, you can use this template for creating your logo, you simply have to make changes to the symbol. Fortunately, the logo’s design and text are easy to customize.

2. Elegant Utensils Restaurant Logo Layout

Utilizing silhouette effects is one good way of making a logo look appreciable regardless of its simplicity. Here’s an example of a restaurant logo template with that effect. If you like silhouettes, you’ll probably love this template and you might want to use it on your restaurant gift vouchers cards.

3. Simple Bistro Restaurant Logo Format

Here’s an example of a logo design that contains elements in negative space. This effect is otherwise known as a double entendre and is defined as an image that can be interpreted in multiple ways. This template is fully resizable and comes in three different color schemes such as colored, black and white, and grayscale.

4. Creative Editable Restaurant Logo Example

Check out this creative and fully editable logo template that you can use to represent your restaurant. Regardless of what color represents your business, you can still use this template because the color scheme is highly customizable. If your restaurant has a website, use this as your restaurant web banner ad to draw more traffic towards it.

5. Fresh Greens Restaurant Logo Sample

Eating the right kind of food is something that not everyone can easily follow, but this does have a lot of benefits. Make a good impression by motivating people to eat healthily and to use a restaurant logo that’s easy to remember. This logo template is not only memorable but is also compelling and inviting.

6. Love Eat Restaurant Logo Template

Indeed, people love to eat and this logo template doesn’t make that any clearer than it already is. Whether you put this template on your restaurant menu cards, flyers, or business cards, it is sure to get the attention of onlookers and interested diners. You may also choose to go colored or black and white with this template.

7. Colorful Tiles Restaurant Logo Layout

Here’s a logo template that consists of tiles representing the different dishes that are being offered by your restaurant and this template is fully editable and scalable. You may be able to download this template in Illustrator, EPS, JPG, and PNG, simply choose which file format is best for your preferred editing tool.

9. Editable Badge Restaurant Logo Example

If you’re managing a small food establishment such as a steak house, burger joint, or a cafe, this might be a good template for making your logo. This template is very easy to edit and it comes in five different versions. Other than that, you can also choose to edit this template in PDF, AI, or EPS.

11. Minimal Catering Restaurant Logo Template

Many restaurants also offer catering services and if your restaurant does, do we have a logo template for you. Check out this minimal logo template, it doesn’t require a lot of editing because of its simplicity, but it does need to have its text change. This would work very well on a catering flyer.

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