19+ Admit One Ticket Templates

Tickets are purchased all around the world by the people for the main purpose of gaining entry into various shows or events such as music festivals, concerts, carnivals, movies, sports and so on. These tickets can be designed in various styles using ticket templates.

Create an Admit One Ticket in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Choose your Ticket Size

Tickets come in various sizes. Depending on the occasion or the event, you can decide the size of your ticket. Make sure it is appropriate.

Step 2: Select a Theme

There are a variety of themes available for you to get an idea and to incorporate it in your ticket. You can keep it vintage, classic, or modern as per your event settings. If you are looking for a carnival-themed ticket, then check out carnival ticket templates.

Step 3: Add Images

Keep it unique and let your image do half the talking when it comes to your admit one ticket. Keep it vibrant or eye-catching using free ticket templates so people are excited and look forward to your show.

Step 4: Enter Event Details

Next, you can add the information pertaining to the event. Highlight them properly so the event details are readable by the audience. Use proper fonts and mention the serial numbers at the border of the ticket or wherever you deem it to be appropriate.

Step 5: Review and Print

Once the above steps are completed you can review the ticket to check if all details are placed in proper order. If it is error free, then you can go ahead and print them. For ready-made tickets, check pout printable ticket templates.

18+ Admit One Ticket Templates

1. Admit One Ticket Voucher Template

File Format
  • AI
  • Word
  • Pages
  • PSD
  • Publisher

Size: 8.5×4 inches


Check out this admit one ticket voucher template that is perfectly designed for party goers! It has a fun and sassy design that is sure to go well with the crowd for events such as musical shows, concerts, or any partying events. It is an easy-to-edit template and can be customized using various file formats.

2. Admit One Ticket Invitation Template

File Format
  • AI
  • Word
  • Pages
  • PSD
  • Publisher

Size: 5.5×2 inches


You can download this admit one ticket template to design tickets for various events such as sports, exclusive parties, music shows and so much more! It is versatile in its design and conveys that the entry is strictly only for one person. This template can be opened and edited on electronic devices so hurry up and download it now!

3. Admit One Event Ticket Template

admit one event ticket
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 5.5×2 inches with Bleed


4. Admit One Ticket Template

admit-one-tickets-template Download

The above template consists of five vectors vector admit one ticket that can be used for various shows such as concerts, music festivals, theatres and so on. It can easily be edited using Adobe Illustrator and you can resize it to any size that you want to.

5. Admit One Wedding Ticket Design

admit-one-wedding-ticket Download

Invite guests and loved ones to attend your wedding day by using this”Admit one wedding ticket design” template. It has a serial number on the ticket which can be changed to your wedding date by editing it. It is a simple ticket that looks super cute.

6. Vintage Admit One Ticket

vintage-admit-one-ticket Download

If you’re looking to keep it classy and vintage with your event tickets, then you can download this template. It is themed in grey and white and has an “admit one” written at the center of the ticket, followed by a serial number at the bottom.

7. Admit One Ticket Design

admit-one-ticket-design Download

You can use these above-shown ticket designs for entry purposes for a variety of events such as movies, sports, trade fairs, and many more! It is a simple ticket that is themed in blue, pink and red. The serial numbers are also included at the sides of the ticket.

8. Admit One Cinema Ticket

admit-one-cinema-ticket Download

For fun and glam events, you can totally use this admit one that just looks perfect from every angle! It has hand-finished details as well as textured resins and glitter that add to its charming element. It also makes for an amazing souvenir that one can take home to.

9. Simple Admit One ticket

simple-admit-one-ticket-template Download

Use this simple admit one ticket as a form of entry for people for different occasions and events. It is versatile and is themed in orange color. It has serial numbers that are mentioned on the border sides of the ticket. It is simple and can never go out of style!

10. Admit One Movie Ticket

admit-one-movies-ticket Download

Movie tickets can be designed in a cool fashion by using the above shown”admit one movie ticket” template. It has the color schemes of red and black that look very fashionable and retro. Be unique and stand out from the rest by using this ticket template now!

11. Admit One Ticket In PSD

admit-one-ticket-in-psd Download

If you are looking for multiple options for your ticket designs, then look no further! This template has got you covered by providing you with a vector set of 17 different “Admit One Ticket”. It comes in various designs and color schemes so you can choose any design, anytime as per the occasion.

12. Admit One Event Ticket

admit-one-event-ticket Download

For corporate events, prom parties, award shows or any such similar events, you can make use of this black and gold themed admit one ticket template that can be easily edited and modified to suit the event details. It looks classy and you can certainly never go wrong with this one.

13. Admit One Ticket Example Template

admit-one-ticket-example-template Download

Cinema tickets play an important role in allowing a person an entry to watch that show. From the wide list of various ticket templates available, you can consider opting for a design that is shown in this ticket template example that has the word “cinema” written in the center along with stars placed underneath it.

14. Admit One Party ticket Template

admit-one-party-ticket-template Download

For parties or shows that are a bit professional and classy, you can make use of this “admit one party ticket template”. It is themed in black and white and has an image of a cocktail placed towards the right side of the ticket. The contents in the ticket can be modified using Adobe Illustrator and Abode Indesign.

15. Admit One Ticket Sample Template

admit-one-ticket-sample-template Download

You can take a look at this admit one sample ticket template that is simple and adorable in its design. It outlines the contents in the ticket using a pink border. You can use it for numerous events and shows as this ticket design will always remain a classic and never go out of fashion.

16. Basic Admit One Ticket Template

basic-admit-one-ticket-template Download

The above template shows a basic and blank ticket template design of an admit one ticket that is prepared in order for it to be transferred onto other surfaces such as shadow boxes, glass windows and so on! It allows you to make a memory of all your ticketed events with ease.

17. Elegant Admit One Ticket

elegant-admit-one-ticket Download

This template shown right here represents an admit one ticket that has contents written in black color on a blue background. The contents are outlined in pink color, and the serial numbers can be changed by editing. This ticket design looks elegant and can be used on multiple occasions.

18. Admit One Birthday Party Ticket

admit-one-birthday-party-ticket Download

Send out birthday invites to loved ones by using this ‘admit one birthday party ticket” template that is themed in dark blue, red and pink. The contents of this ticket can be modified with the birthday event details. Own the party and get people talking about the event by downloading this template right away!

19. Creative Admit One Ticket Design

creative-admit-one-ticket-design Download

Be creative in your ticket designs by using this admit one design ticket template. It is a playful take on the old admission & raffle paper tickets. It is made of a material named pewter and is slightly larger than the original paper ticket.

20. Modern Admit One ticket

modern-admit-one-ticket Download

You wouldn’t want to miss out on this wonderful and modernly designed ticket template. Its fonts and color schemes make it appear lively and exciting. This template comes with six vector set tickets. You can edit the price details and the serial number.

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