31+ HTML5 Website Themes & Templates

With overcrowded servers and frequent viral breakouts on the web, slow internet speeds are a common thing. But that doesn’t give any excuse for your site to be slower; situations always demand that the site be both impressive and quick. You May also visit HTML5 Website Templates.

Which is quite a tall order to ask for, but with HTML5 all that can actually be done without breaking a sweat. The enhanced script and the extended use of the shortcodes make the sites created with html5 a lot quicker and now with modern html5 templates with amazing user experience in mind, you can actually create stunning looking websites with the same functionalities as well. You May also visit Free Responsive Html5 Templates.

Responsive HTML5 Website Template $15

responsive html5 website template

Business HTML5 Website Template $69

business html5 website template

HTML5 Bootstrap Website Template $10

html5 bootstrap website template

Multipage & Onepage HTML5 Website Template

multipage onepage html5 website template

Beautiful Responsive HTML5 Website Template $10

beautiful responsive html5 website template

Responsive HTML5 Website Template $17

responsive html5 website template

One Page HTML5 Website Template $9

one page html5 website template

Modern HTML5 Website Template $75

modern html5 website template

Simple HTML5 Bootstrap Website Template $14

simple html5 bootstrap website template

Constellation Complete Admin Skin HTML Website Template $22

constellation complete admin skin html website template

Responsive HTML5 Resume CV Website Template $12

responsive html5 resume cv website template

Multipurpose Responsive HTML5 Template $17

multipurpose responsive html5 template

HTML5 Business Website Template $15

html5 business website template

HTML5 Admin Bootstrap 3 Website Template $35

html5 admin bootstrap 3 website template

One Page HTML5 Business Website Template $16

one page html5 business website template

Multi-Purpose WordPress HTML5 Website Template $49

multi purpose wordpress html5 website template

Multipurpose Business HTML Website Template $16

multipurpose business html website template

Big-Picture HTML5 Website Template

big picture html5 website template

Overflow HTML5 Website Template

overflow html5 website template

Responsive Parallax HTML5 Template $17

responsive parallax html5 template

One Page Creative Portfolio HTML5 Template $9

one page creative portfolio html5 template

Parallelism HTML5 Template

parallelism html5 template1

Bootstrap 3 Admin HTML5 Website Template $25

bootstrap 3 admin html5 website template

Photographer HTML5 Website Template $75

photographer html5 template

Photographer Portfolio HTML5 Website Template $67

template 50546

Responsive WordPress HTML5 Website Template $44

folio two wordpress edition

Construction Companies Joomla HTML5 Website Template $75

construction companies joomla html5 website template

Start – HTML5 Template

start html5 template

Photographer Portfolio HTML5 Website Template $67

photographer portfolio website template

Portfolio Creative Professionals HTML5 Website Template $14

portfolio creative professionals html5 website template

Content Management & CRM HTML5 Template $11

content management crm html5 template

Designed to impress, these innovative html5 templates Responsive provide form and functionality in one single package. With the transition sliders, full screen background image themes, customizable icons, and popup animation sliders, the html5 templates help you create websites that provide impeccable user experience.

And the templates are highly customizable too. The short and concise coding, and the simple script allow users to easily to change any functionality they want without having to hire a professional. Since html5 site template is compatible with almost every browser, the websites created using the templates perform well on all operating systems and browser platforms as well. The templates have full functional support and necessary documentation that will get you started right away without any hiccups. So transform from your old look; turn your website modern with these stunning html5 metro templates and reward your visitors with an ultimate user experience.

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