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Do you have a website? If your answer to this question is yes, then a classic must-have is an attractive login form. Be it a social media site, online store, email site, or online magazine, the first thing that catches the eye of the customer is the sign-in option. So, why not let your customer get the desired impression in the first contact. Download HTML5 Signup and Registration Forms[Free] and get the look for your website that creates an everlasting first impression.

Whether you want to showcase the lead collection in your online marketplace or promote the services of your agency, you need an eye-catching login page to catch the attention of users. To achieve this, you need javascript validation and more in your site’s scripting. With the right script, you’ll have both a gorgeous and fully functioning login page for your professional IT and Software website. And to ensure your login form page is successful, we have a guide just below.

Free Website Pop-up for Login Template

free website pop up for login template
File Format
  • PSD
  • HTML

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Free Website Login Pop-up Template

free website login pop up template
File Format
  • PSD
  • HTML

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HTML5 Tutorial – Creating Easy HTML Login Form using CSS!

Free HTML Login Form Template

free html login form template
Login Form – White Transparent is a template with a transparent form with a minimal but beautiful design based on a single PSD which is easily editable. Also, all the texts are editable. Source:

White Transparent HTML Login Form Template

white transparent html login form template
Login Form – Orange Skin Type is an easy-to-use login printable form template with its PSD ready to be converted into CSS. It comes with various styles for buttons and is highly customizable.

Basic Login Form Template Free HTML

basic login form template free html
8 Modern & Web 2.0 Login/Signup Panels is a set of login forms with a futuristic feel to it with quirky and out-of-the-box designs. These simple forms come in layered PSDs and are highly editable. Source:

Fully Transparent Glass Login Form Template

glass login form template

Classic Attractive HTML Login Form Template

classic html login form template
Day/Night Login Page is a very charming HTML login software template that comes in two variations. Brightly colored buttons against a dark or white background are very eye catchy and this template is easily editable.

Login / Registration Form with Password Meter

login registration form with password meter
This template comes with a password meter and features a perfectly transparent layout with minimal designing effects. They feature a pinkish shade for the background. They come with a customizable login page. The design is based on a single PSD layer that makes it easily editable. The texts are also editable and come with Google Web Fonts.

Batman Styled Dark CSS3 Login Form Download

batman styled dark css3 login form download
With a darker appearance, this designer template features a perfectly editable CSS3 login form with a simplistic design. Perfectly responsive, this template work finer on any device, mobile or desktop. It is printable and can be customized as per the requirement. A niche login sample form design, this template is perfect to be used for corporate and professional WordPress sites.

Simple HTML5 Login Form Sample Source Code

simple html5 login form sample code
These forms are perfectly responsive and assure ease, with a simple nice layout. They also have a darker background with a white login form to start with. This template is best for including Registration Request Forms and contact pages on websites. Their appearance makes them perfectly apt for any HTML5 website setting. It is fully editable.

8 Modern HTML Login Signup Panels

modern html login signup panels
With an extremely niche layout, this template features 8 modern HTML-based signup panels. It has a white layout with very unique design structures integrated perfectly to create amazing effects for login forms in word. It is responsive and can be edited as per requirement. It is perfect for commercial as well blog sites.

Modern Login Form Template HTML

modern login form template html
Simple and basic template files, can be easily customized and promise to be browser friendly. The template works fine with any device, big or small, laptop or tablet, smartphone or desktop. It features an easy login page in the HTML option. Google Login tool has been integrated. Access Google account using email and password.

How to Use Custom Login Form in Your Website

Creating a custom login form for your WordPress website is quite easy with the latest themes and templates. These free templates are fully customizable and editable. Now edit the login logo sample to make it more attractive. Replace the logo with your brand icon. It helps in the branding part and depicts a clear message to the visitors. There are several plugins available that help in creating customized login forms for your website. These plugins are easy to install and help in providing the most innovative login pages that promise to be fully editable and responsive for your website. Using a custom login form on your website just gets easier.

How to Design / Create Login Form in HTML

Businesses need to have a nice and creative login form. This is the first point of contact for many customers and hence a lot of effort should go into creating a perfect design login form. It is possible to code the entire webpage in HTML and there are also Free HTML5 & CSS3 Login Forms Downloads that are available on the web development site. These templates can be used with little modification and it saves a lot of time and effort while designing any page. Some may prefer using the paid templates for web designing and others may simply resort to creating it from scratch.

Basic Plain HTML Login form Graties Example

basic plain html login form

HTML Day, Night Login Page Template

html day night login page template
Very unique login page with day-night settings, this template is fully responsive and promises cross-browser compatibility. It is perfectly niche in terms of design layouts and button configurations. It comes with several social login options through Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. This template features sample forms that can be easily customizable.

Horizontal Responsive Login Form UI Design

horizontal responsive login form ui design
This template features a horizontal layout and promises to be 100% responsive which makes them perfectly accessible to desktops as well smartphone devices. It can be customized without any problem. It comes with a cool sky blue layout, comprising of dropdown and radio buttons. It is perfectly apt for personal registration forms in sheets and blog sites.

Beautiful Login Form with New HTML5 Attributes

beautiful login form with new html5 attributes
With a minimalistic and simple design interface, this template login form is perfect for modern-day construction websites. This template feature layered PSD files and comes with easily customizable features. There are wide ranges of HTML5 attributes that make it so special and unique. It is perfectly compatible with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. you may also see wordpress themes & templates.

Clean Login Form HTML Template

clean login form html template

HTML Coded Login Form with Signin Template

html coded login form template
Source: | This HTML templates has a simple interface and comes with a minimalistic design layout. It is compatible with different browsers and offers easy and fast loading. It promises to be printer-friendly. Some of the features include Google web fonts, sliced Keynote, dropdown menu, customizable color theme, favicon, and social sharing options.

Dark HTML Login Form Template

dark html login form template
This template features quite a darker appearance. But it has a sober and niche layout that promises to offer easy navigation through the sections. 100% responsive and can be customized easily, this template is best suited for entertainment and magazine portals. It is feature-rich and easy on the eyes.

Beautiful CSS3 Login Form Template

beautiful css3 login form template
This is a very elegantly designed and niche template for evolution forms and login pages. The registration form template HTML CSS free download is responsive and works perfectly fine with any browser, be it IE, Chrome, or Safari. It has a retina-ready display and promises to offer smooth navigation. It features social sharing options installed on the home page.

Clean Design HTML Login Page with Email

day night login page
Extremely niche layout, this template has dark shades with social sharing options integrated at the home page. Fully customizable, this template can work easily with any browser and device. It features a dropdown menu and a password remember button. It also offers fast loading option and promises to be printer-friendly. It comes with editable coding files.

Online Store Login Form With Input Style

login form with input style

HTML Login Form Template with Blue Markup

html login form template with blue markup

HTML5 CSS3 Responsive App Register Template

html5 css3 responsive app register template
This HTML5 signup and registration forms template that has been built in HTML5 and CSS3, comprises a slideshow in the background that has been designed in the Bootstrap Twitter framework. It has an integrated jQuery validation that ensures proper filling of the form. Easy to download and customize, designing registration and login forms for ppt websites is simple and fun.

PSD JavaScript Validation Login Interface HTML CSS

psd login interface html css

Flat HTML Login Forms Pack

formicon flat forms pack
Several HTML Login Forms are available on the web and they can be used for creating Login Screen for Authentication purposes. The packs are easy to use as well.

Slick & Clean – HTML5 and CSS3 Responsive Forms

slick clean html5 and css3 responsive forms

Free Responsive Bootstrap Login Form

free responsive bootstrap login form

Animated Login and Register HTML5 Template

login and register html5 template

A lot of students in PDF also use HTML for their projects and they prefer using Animated Login Page Template. These Animated Templates add a lot of grace to the projects and make them look lively.

HTML & CSS Login Form Template Using Asp.Net

html css login form template using asp Some programmers also use the C language for creating the HTML Login Page. The programming language offers a lot of versatility to the programmers and it is also easy to compile the login form with help of C#.

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HTML & CSS Marketplace Login Form

html css marketplace login
File Format
  • PDF

Size: 1 MB

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User Lead Collection HTML & CSS Login Form

user lead collection html css login
File Format
  • PDF

Size: 139 KB

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With a wide range of choices available, from free to premium login form templates & scripts, choose the one that suits you the best. It’s quick and easy and with one-click installation of an website HTML5/CSS3 login form template, you can give your website that extra zing. Get an extensive range of options in a selection of font, color, background, and shape for the PHP login form software templates in pdf and you can pick the one that best aligns with your website. It might be the most basic feature of any website, with usually three tabs, the username/email id, the password, and the login button but getting your basics right is something that does count. So, seize your special login form report template now.

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