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5+ Mosque Website Themes & Templates

It may seem that the world is getting less religious at first glance. However, the truth is exactly the opposite and the center of that growth is Islam. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. In the next half-century or so, Islam might take the seat of the world’s largest religion, marking the end of Christianity’s long reign. This is according to research done by the Pew Research Center. You may also see cool website templates.

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The main reason for this growth is simply because of demographics. Muslims simply have more children than those of the members of the other seven major religious groups. Muslim fertility just exceeds non-Muslim fertility in all major areas where there is a sizable Muslim population. This fertility is what makes the Muslim population grow. However, not all of these Muslim kids may grow up to be Muslim adults. Religion Conversion is still a huge factor in the changing field of religion. You may also see free business website themes.

Islamic Center Responsive HTML Template

Islamic Social Center Website Template

Simple Mosque WordPress Theme

A mosque is the place of worship for Muslims. Just like any other religious organization and their places of worship, a mosque can benefit greatly with having its own website. With a growing number of population, it will be no surprise that some people practicing the Islamic faith will be tech savvy. You may also see HTML5 website templates.

A website will be of great service to a mosque as it can make it more accessible to those people. Mosque websites are also great ways to make announcements. If combined with social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook, a mosque’s constituents will always get updated on announcements and news related to their community.

Contents that a Mosque Website Should Have

A website will only be as good as its content. Said content will also depend on what type the website is. A mosque website will be a religious website, usually carrying information that is relevant and related to it. The contents that a Mosque website may carry will usually be the same as other religious websites. You may also see contractor website themes.

The key elements and contents that a mosque website should have will be:

1. Location

Before everything else, a mosque website should always include its address. The mosque’s full address should be available on all pages of the website if possible. A good way of showing the mosque’s address in the website would be to reserve a section of each page just for it. This can be located in the website’s header, footer, or sidebar. You may also see retail website themes.

The majority of the site’s visitors may be people who are already part of the mosque’s community but the website should also cater to those who are not familiar with it. It is important that the website carries this information at all times so that new and potential visitors can get this information with a quick glance whenever they need it. The mosque’s website should also reserve a page that carries a map and directions in getting to the mosque’s location. You may also see blog style website templates.

2. Service Times

One of the reasons that will hinder people from visiting a mosque would be the lack of knowledge of service times. Information relating to the mosque’s service times and operating hours should be displayed prominently along with the mosque’s full address. It is highly advisable that these two things will be displayed beside each other. If one is to include a full date for the mosque’s service times and schedule, it is highly advisable to include the Gregorian calendar date along with the Muslim calendar date to help people not familiar with the latter and make it easy to convert to the former. You may also see organic WP themes.

3. Prayer Times

One of the five pillars of the Muslim faith it the Salat. In addition to service times, the mosque website should include the time for when to recite or do the five daily prayers. If the prayer times for Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha are included in the website, they can serve as a good reminder to those practicing the faith. You may also see medical website themes.

4. About or About Us

The About and About Us pages of a website will be the pages that will carry other relevant information that will not fit the other sections. These pages could carry the vision & mission statements of the mosque and its community. If a mosque wants to share its history and archives it may do so in these pages. This can even include expectations that a visitor should have when visiting the mosque. Things like dress code and proper attire, expected behavior, do’s and don’ts in the mosque, among other things are some of the more important information that should be included on this section of the website.

5. Leader Profiles

Just as with other religions and organization, mosques to lead and help organize them. These people could either serve as the mosque’s trustees, management or key staff. A mosque website should dedicate at least a single page for the profile of these people to help potential visitors and those who are new to the community identify who to approach if they have any concerns relating to the community. You may also see sports website themes.

6. News and Events

A mosque website can become the communities front page for any matters relating to the community. It is also a good way to keep the website updated and make sure that the website’s visitors keep coming back. Furthermore, it is just simply convenient. Including this information on your website’s contents can keep the community in the loop of the current events that affect them. The more channels an information is disseminated the better the chance of that said information in reaching its audience. You may also see elegant website themes.

7. Contact Information

The mosque’s website should also carry a page that contains contact information for people who have a general inquiry. This information may not necessarily be contact information of the key staff members and management and just a general hotline of the whole mosque. The websites contact information page can even include an email form for added convenience.

8. Donations Page

Religious organizations are usually non-profit entities that depend on generous donations in order to survive. Nowadays, the Internet can be used as a way to send money, including donations. The mosque website may include a page dedicated to detailing the different donation channels that possible donors can use. This allows for a convenient donation process should these people decide to give a generous contribution to the community’s cause. You may also see tourism website themes.

There are other things that one can include in the mosque website aside from those that are mentioned above. Some mosque may opt to endorse some of the services they can offer to their community that members can avail. The contents that the mosque’s website can be almost anything provided they remain relevant to its main topic. It is really up to the mosque’s management and those who are concerned on what to put on the mosque’s website. You may also see restaurant website themes.

Islamic Centre WordPress Theme

Responsive Islamic HTML Template

The Donations Page

A mosque houses a non-profit organization. Thus, it cannot depend on profit for its maintenance. As a place and structure of worship, a mosque will depend on the donations given by its patrons for its upkeep instead. As such, a donations page is one key element to include in a mosque’s website. This page should just simply ask for donations. That approach would not only be ineffective, it could also make the organization seem rude and dubious, taking advantage of faith to earn money. You may also see financial website themes.

People want to see where there donated money go. It is imperative a donations page show what causes they are sponsoring and to where the donations are going. The human brain is hardwired to feel good when donating. Showing the benefits of their donations will not only make for good transparency in the mosque, it can also encourage donors to give more. You may also see insurance website themes.

Other things that a donations page can include would be:

  • The organization’s mission
  • Address of the donation
  • Online donation channels
  • A breakdown of where the donations go
  • Benefits of donating
  • A personal message from a key staff of the mosque

Islamic Center HTML5 Responsive Template


Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Majority of that membership includes people between the age of 15 to 59. These people are usually connected to the Internet. It for this reason that a mosque should have its own website to be able to reach out and be in contact with them. A mosque’s website can be used in many different ways including as an introduction to people who are new to the area and looking for the nearest place of worship. You may also see school website templates.

The mosque website can also be used for announcements and events that are relevant towards the greater Muslim community. It can also be used as a way to ask patrons donations for the maintenance an upkeep of the structure. What a mosque website contains is really up to its management and key staff. You may also see one-page website themes.

No matter what you use it for, the few mosque website templates aim to help you get started on your site. Just remember that websites are not perpetual machines, they need time and dedication to work well. If you think that you do not have what it takes to run one, you can easily hire an expert to help you. In the world of today, websites are a must for any organization to try to integrate it into your organization, especially your mosque and make it known to your constituents.

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