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19+ Dark Theme Web Designs

When we talk about dark themed web designs, they are mostly associated with the emotion of dark, which is also known as gothic. But dark colors, like black, are not just one dimensional and they can depict more than one meaning. That is why it common to see the usage to dark themes and colors in website designs that are not just gothic websites. They are popular and look very appealing. Here are some websites designs and projects that will help you understand the concept better.

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Dark Themed Photography and Design Website

Dark colors like black and dark blue are mostly associated with richness. With these colors you don’t need too many other elements to play around and that is why when it comes to design websites most of them play it safe with dark themed designs.

It is not only website but also blogs that be dark and a little goofy too. The given blog also contains photography and all the pages have common black background which goes well with the sections. Black can never be overdone.

Dark Web Design

Dark Theme Website Inspiration

If you are looking forward to create a dark themed website, as a personal or professional assignment, we have some ideas and inspirations for you. These ideas will help you built a classy dark website design.

Dark Theme Web Design Project

The website design project has been created by Deer designs in Southampton, United Kingdom and presents another side of dark, which is different from what we saw above. Here, dark is about the color as well as the emotion.

Dark Theme Web Design

Dark Theme Website Design

Here is how to include dark theme in a hardcore technical website that is mostly into mechanicals and hardware.

Dark Theme Gaming Web Design

Games like Battlefield are not one of those simple games which are played only for entertainment. It has twists and turns and many layers to it. And no other color could have signified it better than dark black.

Clean Dark Theme Web Design

Dark Theme UX Web Design

Dark Theme Websites for Fashion and Luxury

Fashion comes with luxury and nothing signifies luxury as dark colors like black. It is rich, elegant and high maintenance and that’s why you can find it in fashion websites.
If you want to create an online boutique or an online fashion store, take cues from this website on how to use the color black to depict elegance and luxury.

Dark Layout for Beauty Website

Black is beautiful and is the reason why it dominates the beauty and fashion industry. The given is a profession beauty treatment website that majorly has been created with black layout. The layout works very well for the website and make it look classy and elegant.

Flat Dark Theme Web Design

Dark Theme Website for Food Related Business

We are not talking about small business here. We are talking about food business that’s more about experience and class. Something that is exclusive much like the dark colors that have been used to create these websites.

Black Theme Web Design for Pub

This is a website design for a Pub in Quebec, Canada. The website represents warmth and class and there is no better symbolism that black to signify warmth and class.

Dark Theme Website Design Layout

The website design is a perfect example of elegance and charm and the dark theme had an important role to play in the affair.

The Dos and Don’ts of Dark Website Designs

  • You can be liberal with the usage of the color black and its shades but make sure that it doesn’t look too heavy or else user might find it difficult to stay on the website for long.
  • Fonts style and font size is something has to be taken care of with dark colors. The should of fonts should be done in a way that it enhances the aesthetics of the webpage.
  • Just because it the main color of the design is dark, doesn’t mean you can’t use white. Make sure to use white space well, to provide a breather to the eyes.

Dark Themed Event Website Designs

Too many colors can easily distract the attention whereas dark color can help you stay focused may be that is the reason why these event website designs have such dark colored layouts.

Web Design with Dark Theme

It is much easy to focus on the information given on the website because of the dark background. The other design elements like typography has also been intelligently used in the website.

Dark Theme UI Web Design

Dark Theme Site Design

Dark Themed Music Website Designs

Music is something that is easily not associated with dark themes and colors, however the trend of dark colors and themes is getting popular with music websites as well.

Rock Website Design in Black

If you are to create a website on your favourite rock band, chances are that black will cover the major portion of the website design. If music had colors, rock would get black and the given website is an example of how fantastic the combination would look.

Dark Theme Music Web Portal Design

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