17+ Church PHP Themes & Templates

Tweak your site’s look with these premium church PHP themes & templates. They provide reciprocal linking, SEO orientation of URL and have cross platform as well and as cross browser compatibility. Their distinguishing feature is the custom 404 error page which you can use to connect with your users and provide useful links in case of usage of a broken link.You may also check  Business PHP Themes.

Christian Church PHP WordPress Theme $75

Beautiful Multi Purpose Church PHP Theme $17

Church WordPress PHP Theme $35

Multi Purpose Church PHP Template $25

Jesus Church PHP WordPress Theme $67

Perfect Church PHP Theme $49

Premium Church PHP Template $19

Bright Church WordPress PHP Theme $75

Pretty Church PHP Theme $32

Splendid Church PHP Theme $49

Responsive Church PHP Template $17

Responsive Church PHP Template $75

Premium Responsive Church PHP Theme $49

Simple Responsive Church PHP Template $39

Dark Church PHP Theme $49

Premium WordPress Church PHP Template $75

Non Profit Church PHP Theme $49

The PHP scripts have great features and they also allow users to log in and post links and content. You can also change width, sidebar contents and much more without much effort as PHP themes  & templates are very flexible and are available for instant download.

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