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15+ Best PHP Error Templates to Create Custom 404 Error Pages!

Errors are always pinching to the user; PHP and related errors can really embitter the web browsing experience of a user and can dent the reputation of your website. However, being smart about PHP error messages can sweeten the pill a little, and free PHP templates help you out in this regard. Whereas the standard bland version of the error is nefarious for being a serious disturbing element in a smooth web experience, smarter and more colourful versions of the PHP error page can ensure that visitors don’t leave with a bad taste in their mouths. Right from simple error templates involving marquee texts of the error message to the in-your-face and humorous ones that encompass funny faces sticking their tongue out at the visitor – the world of best PHP error templates is expansive and exciting at the same time.

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404 Error Page Responsive Web Template

04 error page

404 Event Page Not Found Mobile Web Template

04 event website template home w3layouts

Ohh 404 Mobile Website Template

0hh website template home w3layouts

Responsive Coming Soon Template

responsive coming soon template

Responsive 404 Template

error 404 page not found

free deadlink 404 for website template home w3layouts

404 Error Template

04 error template

Fresh 404 Error Template

fresh 404 error template

Lost in Night Animated 404

waole page not found

404 Not Found Page

blake 404 not found page preview themeforest

Modern Error Template

modern error template

Blue Pattern 404 Page Not Found Mobile Web Template

free blue 404 for website template home w3layouts

Error 404 Mobile Website Template

free error 404 for website template home w3layouts

Among the more advanced and customizable premium PHP error templates are ones with editable fonts and texts messages. You can even experiment with all kinds of images and backgrounds on your PHP error page, or can take things a step further and use templates with redirect links to your website’s home page or the previous page. PHP error pages with reassuring messages such as ‘we’re working on the error and shall resolve….” and “leave your email id and we’ll inform you once we’re up” can actually add to the credibility of your website; thankfully, there are some truly awesome templates out there that offer you these features.

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