50+ Receipt Samples, Format & Examples 2022

Businesses tender products or services to their consumers, and in exchange, customers release payment, whether in cash or credit. As proof, a restaurant provides a printable receipt or a blank receipt before listing down the items bought. 50-receipt-samples-format-examples-2021

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Each store providing products and services must give a form of acknowledgment to their clients. Receipts are relevant documents for the company and the consumer as they represent legal transactions. In the article, 50 samples and examples of receipts serving various purposes await. Check them out now!

1. Payment Receipt Sample

Payment receipt represents transaction records between a seller and buyer, listing out goods and services accrued by the buyer. It must reflect items and their corresponding prices.

payment-receipt-templateUse This Payment Receipt Sample

2. Printable Receipt Sample

In the construction business, it is ideal to have printable receipts ready for use. These must include information about supplies and materials the company purchased for a plan or project.

printable-construction-receipt-templateUse This Printable Construction Receipt Sample

3. Cash Receipt Sample

The use of cash receipts represents an acknowledgment of the involvement of cash in a transaction. A person’s initials and the specified amount must reflect on the cash receipt.

cash-receipt-templateUse This Cash Receipt Sample

4. Blank Receipt Sample

Blank receipts allow you to write down the items without a computer or a printing device. It comes in handy for businesses or individuals to have a blank receipt with them, especially if they are offering door-to-door services.

blank-sale-receipt-templateUse This Blank Sale Receipt Sample

5. Invoice Receipt Example

Invoice receipts are documents referring to services or products before payment issuance. It is an essential document as it already lists the tendered services or products from an organization.

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6. Restaurant Receipt Sample

Food establishments often provide their customers with restaurant receipts. The receipt holds the name of the meal, unit price, and total amount. The restaurant also gives the customer the original document receipt.

restaurant-receipt-templateUse This Restaurant Receipt Sample

7. Meal Receipt Sample

Electronic receipts come in various medial files and the prominent ones used are in the PDF format. Take the meal receipt sample below.

sample-receipt-templateUse This Receipt Sample

8. Acknowledgment Receipt Sample

An acknowledgment receipt involves an individual signing their name as proof of a receipt of cash, goods, or delivery. It tells the sender that the courier delivered the package to the respective owner.

cash-acknowledgement-receipt-templateUse This Cash Acknowledgment Receipt Sample

9. Store Receipt Example

Establishments have their particular designs for their receipt. Each one may be different from the other. Jewelry stores have varying components in comparison to a clinic.

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10. Fitness Receipt Sample

Being in the fitness industry, provide your clients with a coherent and complete receipt listing acquired services. Below is a sample of one and can be edited on Microsoft Word.

fitness-studio-receipt-templateUse This Fitness Studio Receipt Sample

11. Grocery Receipt Example

Once you have your grocery list, remember to ask for a receipt after running to the supermarket. It helps you keep track of the products you bought and the amount of each.

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12. Event Planner Receipt Sample

In terms of event planning, you must have a receipt to list down the prices for the services and materials for a client. Below is an example of one where you can edit through Microsoft Excel.

event-planner-receipt-templateUse This Event Planner Receipt Sample

13. Hotel Receipt Sample

A hotel receipt is necessary, especially if you offer guests services and products during their stay at the hotel, in addition to their room bill. Ensure that your hotel staff includes all tendered services and items by guests.

hotel-receipt-templateUse This Hotel Receipt Sample

14. Receipt Voucher Sample

A receipt voucher is manually written documents in exchange for services or goods. These are used if there are no printable receipts available in the store.

receipt-voucher-template-Use This Receipt Voucher Sample

15. School Receipt Sample

When it comes to school receipts, it must clearly write the number of supplies or uniforms purchased by parents for their kids. It’s also necessary to include the unit price for each item sold.

school-receipt-templateUse This School Receipt Sample

16. Taxi Receipt Sample

Modern transportation, including taxi services, issue receipts, and it is always advisable to give specifics on the receipt. Log in how much you charge per traveled mile and the amount of distance traveled by the passenger.

taxi-receipt-templateUse This Taxi Receipt Sample

17. Email Receipt Example

Email receipts are quite common in the digital marketing age. These are similar to the traditional and printed receipts, and these are sent through an email showing the customer’s purchased items.

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18. Food Receipt Sample

Food delivery services are prominent in this day and age, and people are inclined to do so as they wait for their food in the comfort of their own homes. Remember to double-check the food receipts you send out, as they must also contain the delivery fee you are charging.

food-delivery-receipt-templateUse This Food Delivery Receipt Sample

19. Deposit Receipt Sample

Banks are the ones that use deposit receipts more often than not. The deposit receipt contains the deposited amount, including the account and transaction number. It also has the date and time of the deposit.

deposit-receipt-templateUse This Deposit Receipt Sample

20. Donation Receipt Sample

There are plenty of organizations taking in donations for a good cause. Most donators offer a donation receipt that lists out all the items and goods they gave for the benefit of the cause. These receipts help with inventory and accounting purposes.

donation-receipt-templateUse This Donation Receipt Sample

21. Hospital Receipt Sample

Hospital and medical clinic services are not cheap, and patients will always ask for transparency, and you can do this by providing a hospital receipt. It details the procedures and the accompanying fees.

medical-clinic-receipt-templateUse This Medical Clinic Receipt Sample

22. Money Receipt Example

In terms of tendering goods and services, a money receipt must always be present. No matter if you are a small business or a large conglomerate. You must provide your clients with the document.

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23. Petty Cash Receipt Sample

A business agency can issue a petty cash receipt to document payments and transactions from different companies. Ensure that you have all the copies you need for documentation purposes by a custodian.

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24. Service Receipt Sample

A company that renders services to its clients must provide a service receipt. It gives your clients transparency and builds their trust and relationship with you, knowing that you give them a copy of the receipt.

service-receipt-templateUse This Service Receipt Sample

25. Business Receipt Sample

A business receipt lists the particular services and goods offered by an establishment. Whether you are a business consultant or a coach, you must provide your clients with a receipt for clarity.

business-consultant-receipt-templateUse This Business Consultant Receipt Sample

26. Spa Receipt Sample

Spa businesses have a variety of services and products and providing a spa receipt to clients shows transparency. Ensure that you list down all acquired services and items on the spa receipt.

spa-receipt-templateUse This Spa Receipt Sample

27. Order Receipt Sample

When ordering food, the establishment provides customers with an order receipt. The receipt also serves as an order confirmation document that lists all the meals, combos, or dishes individuals order.

order-receipt-templateUse This Order Receipt Sample

28. Rent Receipt Sample

A rent receipt is a vital document for tenants. It is a certification that they have paid for a particular month when a landlord asks for proof. It must include the name of the tenant, the paid amount, and the issuance date.

rent-receipt-templateUse This Rent Receipt Sample

29. Vehicle Receipt Sample

A car dealership must provide their customers a vehicle receipt after purchasing an automobile and issuing fee payments. The receipt must list necessary information, including the paid amount. If payment is through installment, indicate the next due date.

vehicle-sale-receipt-templateUse This Vehicle Sale Receipt Sample

30. Clothing Receipt Example

Clothing stores have shipments coming in for each branch. A clothing receipt details the time and date of shipping, along with the received items, quantities, and total price. It also asks for the invoice number and the name of the receiving person.

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31. Sales Receipt Sample

Contrary to services receipt, the sales receipt lists down the items and goods purchased by customers. It must state the quantity, item name, unit price, and total amount. It must also include the name of the company and the purchaser.

sales-receipt-templateUse This Sales Receipt Sample

32. Company Receipt Sample

With a variety of small and large companies emerging at present, make yours a unique company receipt. Incorporate designs and use your company logo on the official receipt you issue your clients.

company-receipt-templateUse This Company Receipt Sample

33. Medical Receipt Sample

Patients demand medical institutions to provide them with a coherent medical receipt to have a document stating the amount is paid and accredited by the institution. It must list the observed procedures or tests with their accompanying price.

medical-receipt-templateUse This Medical Receipt Sample

34. Register Receipt Example

There are still cash register receipts present in establishments like shopping malls, retail stores, and marketplaces. These list the items bought by a person within a shop, the unit prices, and the total paid amount.

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35. Reimbursement Receipt Example

A reimbursement receipt shows a manufacturing company provided an exchange of broken or defective items a customer purchased. It states whether the customer got a monetary refund or an exchange of units.

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36. Tax Receipt Example

Filling a tax receipt must be by state laws as it can have legal implications. Ensure the company’s details like company name, contact information, and address are present.

File Format
  • DOC

Size: 10.8 KB

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37. Ice Cream Receipt Sample

An ice cream parlor receives its stocks from warehouses and factories. Upon payment, they receive an ice cream receipt that helps them with documentation and record-keeping.

ice-cream-receipt-templateUse This Ice Cream Receipt Sample

38. Purchase Receipt Sample

In restaurant purchases, a purchase receipt shows the items, materials, or ingredients the supplier provides. It also contains a delivery date, helpful in the transport of perishable goods.

purchase-receipt-templateUse This Purchase Receipt Sample

39. Daycare Receipt Sample

A daycare receipt is a vital document, especially when you are leaving your kids under the services of a daycare center. Ensure the name of the company and the date of service is present.

daycare-receipt-templateUse This Purchase Receipt Sample

40. Basic Receipt Sample

A basic receipt contains information like the company name, address, number of units, price per unit, and total amount.

basic-construction-receipt-templateUse This Basic Construction Receipt Sample

41. Construction Receipt Sample

It is practical to carry a construction receipt in terms of negotiating with clients. A blank receipt is even more convenient as you can manually include all the materials needed for a project.

blank-construction-receipt-templateUse This Blank Construction Receipt Sample

42. Delivery Receipt Sample

A delivery receipt details the items a company received and paid for from a supplier. It must contain all essential parts, especially the date of delivery and the receiving body.

delivery-receipt-templateUse This Delivery Receipt Sample

43. Freelancer Receipt Sample

A freelancer uses a freelancer receipt to detail the services they offered a client, along with its corresponding prices. They must supply the customer with a copy of the document for record-keeping.

freelancer-payment-receipt-templateUse This Freelancer Receipt Sample

44. Massage Receipt Sample

Massage parlors give massage receipts to their client who availed of their services. It must clearly state the availed services of the client with their corresponding prices.

massage-receipt-templateUse This Massage Receipt Sample

45. IT & Software Receipt Sample

An IT and software receipt details the services done by a tech company, whether it is maintenance or repair. The receipt must also state if there is a user warranty for the device.

it-software-receipt-templateUse This IT Software Receipt Sample

46. Real Estate Receipt Sample

Real estate receipts are necessary when it comes to engaging customers. It details the purchase of property and the services involved in the purchase.

real-estate-receipt-templateUse This Real Estate Receipt Sample

47. Vendor Receipt Sample

A vendor must provide a vendor receipt to their clients, especially if they tender goods and services. It helps the vendor’s customers to verify the quality and condition of products follow the terms and conditions agreed upon.

receipt-for-goods-or-services-templateUse This Receipt for Goods or Services Sample

48. Personal Receipt Sample

A personal receipt details the services of an individual giving clients services or goods. For example, a personal trainer uses a personal receipt with his name as the person providing the services.

personal-trainer-receipt-templateUse This Personal Trainer Receipt Sample

49. Bill Receipt Sample

In terms of sending your clients a copy of the billing, a bill receipt comes in handy. It details bill payments of an individual with their corresponding amounts.

bill-receipt-templateUse This Bill Receipt Sample

50. Contractor Receipt Sample

Contractors handle various clients with different requests, so keeping a blank contractor receipt comes in useful. Make use of the receipt to detail the services, materials, or items your clients tendered.

contractor-receipt-templateUse This Contractor Receipt Sample


Each receipt has different designs and comes in all shapes and sizes. However, the essential elements of a receipt stay intact and must be present in all designs. Below are the contents of a receipt you must include in your company’s receipt.

1. Business Name and Address

At the top part of the receipt, it must include the business name and address. It also helps if you include the business’ logo in your receipt. Indicating these details allow your clients to know where to go if issues arise about products or services.

2. Product/Service Prices

The receipt must contain the name of the purchased product or service the clients bought and the unit price of each. This part of the receipt is one of the most essential in the document. The clients use it to reference their purchases.

3. Amount Total

The amount total is the subtotal of the price and the tax additions or deductions for the purchased items. Subtotal price is the total amount of prices before applying taxes. The amount total is the final price the customer pays for.

4. Transaction Records

Transaction records contain how much the customer paid, whether full or installment. The section helps reference changes to future transactions and payments.


What is receipt for payment?

A receipt of payment or payment receipt is a document a company provides its clients after payment for goods and services.

How do you write a receipt?

  • Write the name of the recipient
  • Identify all items or services tendered
  • Include the unit price and subtotal amount
  • Add statutory taxes
  • Indicate the date and receipt number

Is receipt proof of payment?

A receipt is proof of payment and is given after a client pays for goods and services.

What is a payment receipt number?

A payment receipt number is a unique combination of numbers that helps the company when it comes to record-keeping and documentation.

What qualifies as a receipt?

Receipts are documents produced by vendors and service providers for clients. It is also used through business-to-business and stock market transactions.