How to Make a Mind Map in Word

Do you ever wonder how you can visualize information coming from ideas, thoughts, or behavior? A mind map helps you with representing and correlating these concepts into coherent elements, projecting feasible notions. Mind map ideas are put into shapes to represent them. There are plenty of mind map examples online on different websites. There are also free mind map templates that you can use. In the following guide below, you can learn how to make a mindmap in Word using the SmartArt feature. Continue reading to know-how!

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  • Using SmartArt on Windows: Open a Blank document after clicking New. Select the Insert menu, then SmartArt. Choose templates from the Hierarchy category and edit its content.
  • Using SmartArt on Mac: Start on a Blank document. In the Insert menu, look for the SmartArt button. Hover over the Hierarchy selection, and select the template you wish to use. Afterward, edit the dummy text into the content you want.

How to Make a Mind Map in Word

Mind maps can get tricky if you do not have an idea where to start. Through the comprehensive guide below, you can create your mind maps with ease. Microsoft Word also makes it easy by using the SmartArt feature.

1. Open the Microsoft Word program and create a Blank document.

2. Once the new document opens, access the SmartArt graphic templates by opening the Insert menu and click on the SmartArt icon.

3. A pop-up window appears on the screen that contains SmartArt templates. Select the Hierarchy category, and select the Horizontal Multi-level Hierarchy template, and click OK.


4. The object is now editable on the Word document. There is also a small window beside the selection where you can edit the contents with ease.


5. After editing the contents, you can expand your mind map according to the number of entries you need. To do this, go to the Design tab of the SmartArt Tools and click on the Add Shape button.


6. You can also change the layout, design, and color of your mind map. You can find these options on the Design tab of the SmartArt tools.


How to Make a Mind Map in Word Using Mac

The Microsoft Word program on Mac also provides the SmartArt feature where you can select templates to create a mind map. If this is the first time you’re using the SmartArt object, here is a helpful guide to help you along the way.

1. Open the Microsoft Word application and start with a Blank document.

2. Click on the Insert menu, and locate the SmartArt button. Click on it to view the available SmartArt templates available.

3. Hover over the Hierarchy selection from the drop-down list to view the templates you can use for your mind map. Select the Horizontal Hierarchy template.


4. The template is now visible on your document. Click the selection to edit the contents. The SmartArt text window also appears when you do this. The SmartArt text allows you to edit the contents of your mind map without clicking on each shape individually.


Note: If you want interesting and colorful designs that contain icons or images, there is a wide selection of available templates online. Rest assured that provides you with plenty of mind map templates in Word that you can use for your presentation.