How to Create a Lesson Plan Template in Word

Teachers should first understand the standards themselves in order to effectively plan for students to reach the standards. This means the lesson plan goes beyond being aware of what students should know by the end of their academic year. Plus, the standards call for instructional shifts, crucial changes in the way content is delivered which are crucial aspects for teachers and other educators to consider when planning. As an enjoyable process and highly creative activity of supporting the students’ needs, lesson planning establishes the bedrock of proficient teaching in any classroom, as well as it will challenge your thinking about the subject you are teaching and how you are going to teach efficiently. In this article, we are glad to help you learn how to create a lesson plan template in Word.

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  • Utilize Word when you need to create your comprehensive and systematic lesson plans! Manage the tools and options provided such as the shading tool, border styles tool, table styles option, font option, and many others. Then, enhance the outline of  your lesson plan by applying some colors, border styles, and other design elements that you want to include.

How to Make a Lesson Plan Template in Word

Jonathan Savage, the author of the book Lesson Planning: Key Concepts and Skills for Teachers defined lesson planning as ‘the process of thinking through and writing down a plan for teaching of, and learning within, a lesson that a teacher will be teaching into a certain group of students in a specific place at a specific time.’ As the students will change year by year, an effective teacher should be versatile and adaptable in planning lessons, modifying their mode of teaching, the space he or she is working within, or the time that he or she is teaching them at. Below are some simple ways that we provide for you to make a lesson plan template in Word:

1. Open the Word app installed in your computer or laptop. Go to Home and New section of the app. Click the Blank document option to start creating your lesson plan template.


2. Once you opened a new document, tap the Insert option and click the Table feature. Search for the Draw Table option so that you can design your own table as you personally construct the cell, row, and column borders in your document.

Note: Draw some diagonal lines and/or cells within cells by using the Draw Table option. Also, you can use the Table feature for a wide-ranging purpose when it comes to arranging your data or information within your document. It has some other options such as Insert table, Draw table, and Quick Tables for a selection of customized tables for calendars, schedules, and planners.


3. Place some rows and columns in your document while using the Table tools > Layout option in the app. Tap the Draw Table option as you construct some lines for the rows and columns of your lesson plan template.

Note: If you want to fix and correct some parts of the table, use the Draw Table to construct some rows and columns or use the Eraser option to delete some unnecessary rows and columns. Another method that you can do is go to the Rows & Columns section and choose any options there that you need such as Delete, Insert Above, Insert Below, Insert Left, and Insert Right. So, explore various features and options in the Word app.


4. Adjust the columns and rows of your table if necessary when you drag, hold and release each of the column and/or row that you want to fix.


5. Then, insert your data as you type them in your table. After that, go to Home option and use the Font section to edit the font style, font size, font appearance, as well as the Paragraph section to adjust the position of the text elements.


6. The next step is incorporating some colors in your document. Go to Table Tools and choose the Table Design feature. Select the Shading tool as you color the background of the cells. Use the Border Styles tool if you want to modify the borders of your lesson plan template while utilizing other features such as Borders and Border Painter.

Note: If you want to create a quick and simple design for your lesson plan template, go to the Table styles and select what you preferred in the table styles provided there. Using this feature is helpful if you are having a hard time deciding on the right style and format for your table and if you want to take some inspiration in making your own table design.


7. When you are finished in the overall design and layout of your lesson plan template, indicate the essential information in your lesson plan as you type them in your table.

8. Save your document by clicking the File tab and then tap the Save As option. Choose the location where you want to save your document. Lastly, type the file name of your document and click Save.

Note: Thus, constructing an effective lesson plan template in Word is a worthwhile and creative method in organizing instructional content, materials, and methods to facilitate effective and systematic teaching. When you are learning the craft of teaching, organizing your subject-matter content through effective lesson plans is essential. Plus, you can make things conveniently if you use simple lesson plan templates from You simply edit and print your preferred editable lesson plan template in Word.