Checklist Templates

You can use a printable checklist template to create just about any kind of list. Of course, that means there are no limits to what you can do with checklist templates. From creating a simple day-to-day shopping list and equipment list to business time list, free checklist templates are handy tools that will make your work easier whenever you use them. Many people create checklist models from scratch, and the reason is they usually have time to spare for the task. However, that does not mean that you shouldn’t download a template. Because the template is free to download, 100% editable, and easy to customize, it would be best if you downloaded a template instead of creating one from the ground up Read More

What Exactly is a Checklist Template?

A blank checklist template is a free document designed to make your work easier. Usually, some remote designers pre-design the model and upload them to the web for free download. The primary goal why you can find the free checklist templates on the web is so that you won’t have to create the layout from scratch. In fact, many people prefer downloading the templates to creating them from scratch, for doing the former is the single best option for saving time, energy, and, sometimes, money. Many checklist layouts are often general, meaning you can use them for any purpose.

Uses of Checklist Templates

You will find so many checklist templates on this page. The templates come in different file formats, but the most popular format is the spreadsheet template. Now it is important to note that the purpose of the template is to make your work easier. You can use the template for the following example sample purposes:

Use the template to create a list of tasks that you would like to complete. You can indicate time for each task, and do not forget to have a check column. The purpose of the check column is to indicate that the task is completed within the specified time. There is no need to tick the checkbox if the task is incomplete.

You can use a free checklist template to create a shopping list for the day. One column can have the names of the items that you would like to buy, the second column can have the quantity of each product, and the last column should show the total price for total units inclusive.

A checklist template can also double as a simple invoice sheet. Feel free to adjust the layout so that it looks like you wish. An invoice checklist has the name of the item sold, the quantity and the total amount of the items.

There are so many uses of checklist templates, and the examples mentioned above are quick hints that indicate that one can and will almost always use a checklist template for any purpose, as long as those purposes do not go outside the perimeter of list templates. For example, you cannot use an email checklist template as a model for note writing. It is important, therefore, to make sure that a checklist template is used only for creating a list of items, and the shortest description


If you have not used checklist templates before, start with a general template. Later, you can start using specific templates. A specific template is the one used for just one purpose. Because these templates are already available for free download, there won’t be a need to create them from scratch, to say the least.