How to Write an Auto Repair Estimate [5+ Templates to Download]


No matter how reliable a car and its engine is, no vehicle is ever immune to damage, minor or major road accidents, and the usual automobile wear and tear, especially if it has seen better days. Because they don’t come cheap and you’d want them working for everyday use, the nearest repair shop is your best friend in these cases. But only if they give you a great service with the right estimate and price.

6 Steps to Write an Auto Repair Estimate

Step 1: Check What Needs To Be Done

You can’t just give the customer an estimate the moment they ask for one without having any idea what the damage of their vehicle is. Evaluate the amount of repair work you need to do and verify what the customer expects since people tend to be confused about what they or their vehicle needs.

Step 2: Decide How Long The Repair Will Take

While an estimate is a non-binding document if it’s not part of the contract yet, it’s still crucial to be realistic in the numbers you give and in figuring out the time frame to complete the repair since this is what’s going to determine the price you’ll be giving the client later on.

Step 3: Be Detailed

Most customer disputes, service dissatisfaction and misunderstandings root from not knowing what you’re asking them to pay for. A vehicle owner who also needs some parts replaced would be comparing estimates from different auto shops. Obviously, the one who gives a more detailed sheet wins the customer’s confidence and their business.

Step 4: Know What The Competition Charges

Just like any repair shop, you only want to provide competitive pricing for your services. At the same time, you also don’t want to go overboard with your ballpark figure because being able to compete doesn’t always mean providing the highest or cheapest price possible. Do research on what other vehicle repair businesses are charging in your area and go from there.

Step 5: Make It Professional

Being professional demands your official documents from service proposals to contracts down to your invoice and estimates should be clearly defined and well-written. Handwritten notes and estimates are out of the question if you want your customer to see that you mean business.

Step 6: Deliver Your Estimates On Time

If you have an agreed time with the vehicle owner in delivering your estimates, you should do everything in your power to commit to it, lest you disappoint your client before the actual work even starts. You also need to put everything on paper and complete it on time, otherwise, you’re giving the owner an option to take his vehicle elsewhere.

 6+ Auto Repair Estimate Templates

1. Auto Repair Estimate

free auto repair estimate template Download

New to writing estimates? There’s no need to panic because we have more than enough estimate templates on the website whether it’s for repairing a vehicle, construction project or a simple service that requires a ballpark figure for the customer to check to price and help him or her decide.

2. Free Blank Estimate Template

free blank estimate template 440x570 1 Download

If you own or manage a vehicle repair shop, you’ve got to nail your paperwork. That includes an auto repair estimate with a realistic breakdown of how much the repair would roughly cost and what the service includes. Feel free to download this template as your guide to writing a well-prepared estimate that your client would agree with.

3. Free Repair Estimate Example

free repair estimate template 440x570 1 Download

After thoroughly evaluating how much damage a vehicle has, draft your estimate so the customer would know what you’re going to charge them. To save time, you can just take advantage of the templates attached in this article and print in any of the different formats for your convenience!

4. Free Sample Estimate Template

free sample estimate template 440x570 1 Download

A wise vehicle owner would always request for a repair estimate since it provides them a rough figure or benchmark costs which they can use to evaluate and check repair quotes as well as added service costs. To save time, you can use the template above as your estimate and just customize according to what your shop requires.

5. Auto Repair and Parts Estimate

auto repair and parts estimate 2 Download

Unsure of how to price your repair service for an estimate that your potential customer requested? Get this template and go over its content to have an idea of what goes in an auto repair estimate. Better yet, just edit and print it to make sure you’re leaving no important detail out, especially since vehicle owners tend to respond faster to repair proposals with detailed estimates.

6. Auto Repair Sample Estimate

auto repair estimate sample 1 Download

Does your auto repair business require a professional document with an estimated breakdown of the costs for repairing vehicle damage? Download this auto repair estimate template so that you can start well on drafting or finalizing your own estimate. You can just print it out in any of the available formats if you’re pressed for time!

7. Vehicle Repair Estimate Example

vehicle repair estimate 1 Download

Tired of clients getting confused with the figures you have in a service price list? Don’t wait until you lose them to the competitor and use this template to provide a detailed estimate sheet that you can also use in the future. By using estimates, you also gain control over the repair service price better while you provide the customer with the service they deserve.

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