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4+ Property Lease Templates

Property lease papers are not only a lengthy affair but also require a lot of thought into it. Everyday, hundreds of property disputes related to lease take place all over. A property lease paper needs to have its words chosen and framed in a very careful order as it is a legal binding document which holds in a court of law. Hence, to save you from all the trouble of designing property lease papers yourself or having to pay a huge amount of money to a lawyer for so, we have brought to you property Lease Templates. By using these templates you can create lease papers for your piece of property with the minimum amount of effort and no expenditure at all.

Apartment Lease Template

apartment lease template
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If you own an apartment which you are planning to give on lease, this apartment lease template can help you in drafting your lease papers. It has all the standard rules and regulations of a lease document. The amount specified as penalties can be altered according to your will. You can also edit utilities or other aspects of your apartments based on what you have present in it. To complete the template, you need to write your name (owner) along with all of those who wish to lease your apartment. You also need to fill in the address of your apartment, the rent you are going to charge, deposit and names and signatures of two witnesses. You may also see Residential Lease Templates.

Commercial Property Lease Template

commercial property lease template
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This property lease template is useful for those who wish to lease a commercial property they own. It has everything you need to have on a commercial property lease to make it legally binding. You just need to enter the details of the lease (your name and that of the tenant, address, duration of the lease, rent, deposit, penalties and insurance) to make it a binding lease contract.

Residential Property Lease Template

residential property lease template
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This is a very useful residential property lease template if you wish to give on lease your own residential property. It has all the standard rules and regulations for the tenant to abide by as long as they have the possession of the property. You have to write your name as well as that of the tenants along with the duration of the lease. There is also a table where you have to write yes or no along with special notes regarding the availability of various utilities and services in the property you wish to give on lease.

Offer to Real Property Lease

offer to real property lease
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This property lease template can be used to lease any kind of residential or commercial real property. Standard rules and regulations for the lessee to follow are mentioned in the template. You have to write the details of the property (address, parking space, utilities, etc) along with the details of the lease (rent, duration, deposit, etc) and the contact details of both the parties and their signatures.

> How Does a Property Lease Work?

A property lease is a legally binding contract between the owner of the property and the tenant. It has to include all the terms of the agreement, what the tenant is allowed to do with the property and what not, how long the tenant will have possession of the property, how much the tenant has to pay as rent as well as deposits.

Extra utilities are often chargeable which may not always be included in the rent. It also states in what periods the tenant has to pay the rent, thought mostly they are on a monthly basis. It also states rules for maintenance of the property by the tenant and Commercial Lease Templates. Permission for pets, overnight guests, etc is also clearly mentioned in the lease. In the case of any disputes, terms of the lease hold the final say.

> Use of Property Lease Template

From the different types of property lease templates available, you have to choose the one that best defines your property. You can use the property lease templates to draw up the lease for your property when you wish to rent it. Most part of the template can be used as it is. Some parts of the template like penalties, utilities, parking space, etc are dependent on you as well as the state of your apartment and therefore they have to be edited in the template accordingly. Rest of the template includes blank fields regarding your information and that of lessee along which you have to accordingly fill. You also have to fill the amount of rent and the deposit in their respective fields. You may also see Rental Lease Templates.

> Tips for Commercial Property Lease

Note the following tips while drafting a lease for your commercial property to benefit you as well as your tenant-

Following these guidelines and also using the templates given, you are sure to create a proper commercial lease agreement with minimum effort on your part. Make sure you go through the templates carefully so that you can choose the one that defines your property the best. All the templates are taken from reliable sources and thus you can freely use them.

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