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Sheet Templates

To run a business successfully, it is crucial to keep a record of all the processes related to its functioning. From preparing reports to maintaining balance sheets, there is a lot of hard work involved. However, you can save plenty of time and get better outcome by making use of sheet templates. A balance sheet template can be downloaded, filled with required details and shared with others or kept for future reference, thus taking all the hassle away.... Read More

 spreadsheet examples in microsoft excel

43+ Spreadsheet Examples in Microsoft Excel

Creating a worksheet, workbook, and data sheet makes it easier to do complicated to simple tasks. With our spreadsheet examples in Microsoft Excel, students and small businesses can easily optimize any budget tracking, inventory, bookkeeping, and accounting task. However, developing one for your data from a blank sheet may not be easy for some. We created several sample worksheets for project management, payment, payroll, and weekly and monthly expense sample planner. Suppose you own a business or are a self employed freelancer. In that case, you can develop a timesheet templates log for your employees, a simple checklist, a Word schedule planner, and a practice sheet to keep your business running smoothly.

18+ Personal Statement Worksheet Templates in PDF | DOC

While applying for admission to certain colleges the applicant is asked to write an essay to a question that asks about himself in what is called personal statement. They are also known as ‘application essays’ or ‘statement of purpose‘. These autobiographical essays are primarily read by professors of the admission committee. Thus it is important to write it keeping in mind the audience.

11+ Retirement Budget Worksheet Templates in PDF | DOC

We start working to earn a living and to secure the future of our family but there will come a time when you will have to retire. It is really important to have a proper plan for your future as well as for the future of your family. You must think about the daily needs and how are you going to fulfill all these after getting retired. From where will you get these funds? Making a retirement budget worksheet is the best way to jot down all your planning for a retirement budget.

7+ Retirement Calculator Spreadsheet Templates in PDF | XLS

When you are preparing for retirement then you must be aware of the calculator. The retirement calculator is to calculate retirement income. There you can get the idea of the use of the calculator. And this will also give you the hint that how to calculate the income annually. When you plan of retirement then you have the savings planned for the future. If you think that how will you calculate it and then do the planned saving. Using the retirement calculator sheet templates would calculate the income before retirement.

30+ Printable Timesheet Templates

A timesheet is used to record the time that an employee spends within the workplace. Timesheets use a digital or spread sheet format as it is easier to track the log-in and log-out records of a business’s workforce since the data is usually already organized. However, there are still companies who use tabular formats on physical sheets.