18+ Beautiful Negative Space Illustrations


Do you know that using negative spaces technique, you can create a “wow!” to your images? If not go through the below negative space illustrations and with that inspiration squint on a drawing that turned out to have a different meaning than the one you had imagined. Here the artists created a collection of works intelligently using negative space to amaze art lovers. It’s a great opportunity to exploit the negative space of these canvases.

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Negative Space Illustration Wallpaper

negative space illustration wallpaper

This negative space illustration wallpaper is from “The Hunger Games”. After all negative space is all about an artist using negative space based on the space around the subject.

Negative Space Illustration with Bear

negative space illustration with bear

Brother Bear. Do you have a great amount of feelings over this movie? It might be spun on the internet. However, it’s a fair mixture of color and imagination. It evokes certain poetry.

Negative Space Illustration of Dog and Cat

negative space illustration of dog and cat

It forms a dog and a cat. Though the flat and sharp front feet look like a bit inharmonious compared to other, it came really nice. Cut it out and use it for your artworks.

Negative Space Hercules Illustration

negative space hercules illustration

The artist admitted that first he started off making something with herculus and pegasus, but it turned out to be a pegasus. A sort of disney posters. In Negative space illustrations, you need to think about the space around the elements.

Minimal Negative Space Illustration

minimal negative space illustration

If you want to come up with a nice negative space illustration, you need to dwell on the empty spaces surrounding your sketch. Studies shown that negative space can increase your understanding by 20%.

Digital Negative Space Illustration

digital negative space illustration

One need to love the negative space to draw some fine negative space illustrations. Because ignoring that negative space can cause you to create something very cluttered. Look at this Digital Negative Space Illustration of “The Lion King” Poster.

Negative Space Illustration by Charles Owens

negative space illustration by charles owens

A pistol. But the trigger from another angle looks like a toon character. Isn’t it? What a collation? It may seem complicated (especially for beginners) to accept that you need negative space.

Negative Space Illustration Poster

negative space illustration poster

The artist admitted that he watched Bambi yesterday. He feels it so beautiful. Hence he made a poster out of it. This Bambi in the poster reportedly belongs to Disney.

Graphic Design Negative Space Illustration

graphic design negative space illustration

This Graphic Design Negative Space Illustration by Christopher DeLorenzo is all about him & her. Leaving empty spaces is a sign of laziness and lack of creativity. This mastery will make you pass in the court of great ones.

Simple Negative Space Illustration

simple negative space illustration

This simple negative space illustration is a Fashion illustration. To draw something like this, as soon as you start off, you should have “negative space” in your mind. Got it?

Fantasy Negative Space Illustration

fantasy negative space illustration

Creative Glu Logo Illustration

creative glu logo illustration

Negative Space Vintage Illustration

negative space vinyage illustration

Negative Space Crocodile Illustration

negative space crocodile illustration

Awesome Negative Space Illustration

awesome negative space illustration

Negative Chess Art Illustration

negative chess art illustration

Creative Negative Space Illustration

creative negative space illustration

Negative Space Art Illustration

negative space art illustration

Archaeology Negative Space Illustration

archaeology negative space illustration

Negative space should never be an accident or an element that you force yourself to incorporate in your projects. Ask yourself? “What can I do with negative space”? If fact, you can do a lot. However, it’s not simpler to achieve. If you are unable to integrate more negative space, don’t ask for it. Try removing positive space.

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